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Digiarty Software Unveils Aiarty Image Enhancer: AI Denoise, Deblur, Upscale, and More Details

Aiarty Image Enhancer

Digiarty Software releases Aiarty Image Enhancer to generate details while denoising, deblurring, and upscaling AI art, photos, and low-quality pictures.

Aiarty Image Enhancer is a comprehensive image enhancement solution for printing, poster creation, wallpaper design, illustration, archiving, and social media sharing.”
— Jack Han

CHENGDU, SICHUAN, CHINA, May 22, 2024 / -- Today is a big day for Digiarty Software, a pioneering multimedia software developer, as it announces the launch of Aiarty Image Enhancer, a groundbreaking AI image enhancement software designed to generate more details and deliver unparalleled clarity.

Aiarty Image Enhancer is crafted to elevate AI-generated images, restore flawed photographs, and improve low-quality JPEGs. It harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to denoise, deblur, upscale, and create more realistic details. The new release marks a significant milestone as Digiarty's first standalone AI software and a new flagship product.

"In an era where visual content is king, we recognize the growing demand from our users for visual quality enhancement, particularly for the lack of details in images generated by AI such as Midjourney and Stable Diffusion," said Jack Han, CEO of Digiarty Software. "Aiarty Image Enhancer is our answer to this challenge. It leverages advanced AI technology to deliver a comprehensive solution for polishing and upscaling images in various scenarios, including printing, poster creation, wallpaper design, illustration, archiving, and social media sharing."

Aiarty Image Enhancer offers efficient image enhancement for average computers by supporting both GPU and CPU processing. With full hardware acceleration, it seamlessly processes large image collections on Windows and Mac systems powered by NVIDIA, AMD, or Intel.

The software has the following highlighted features and key attributes:

Automatic AI Workflow

1. Denoise: Denoising is integrated into every model. The software employs deep learning algorithms to identify and eliminate noise while reconstructing and preserving intricate image features. It effectively tackles various noise types, whether from low light conditions, high ISO settings, compression, long exposure times, underexposure, or camera issues. It ensures clarity, sharpness, and overall visual quality without sacrificing crucial elements like edges, corners, and textures.

2. Deblur: Aiarty Image Enhancer automatically turns blurry pictures into high-fidelity images without artifacts, fixing issues like motion blurs, lens blurs, and out-of-focus problems. It sharpens and clarifies images, making them less fuzzy and more detailed, ideal for restoring blurry AI-generated images and heavily compressed pictures.

3. Generate more details: Aiarty's More-detail model excels in preserving and creating necessary details, elevating images’ visual appeal and realism. Whether 1x restoring or 2x/3x/4x/8x upscaling, it delivers razor-sharp clarity and generates details for skin, hair, textures, lines, etc.

4. Upscale: Users can enlarge any image to stunning 4K, 8K, 10K, and even 32K resolution, achieving Hollywood-level quality without detail loss. Aiarty offers ready-made upscaling profiles for various resolutions, ensuring flexibility and excellence in image enlargement.

Three AI Models for Tailored Enhancement

Aiarty Image Enhancer offers three AI models to cater to different image enhancement needs:

• More-detail GAN: This model generates more details, clarity, and sharpness while deblurring and denoising images. It excels at enhancing images with detailed features such as skin, hair, pores, textures, and 3D elements, delivering better perceptual quality.

• Smooth Diff: Designed for images that do not require additional details, such as smooth surfaces, animations, or line drawings, this model restores original fidelity, improves clarity, and eliminates flaws.

• Real-Photo: Tailored for photograph quality improvement, this model restores original fidelity, increase clarity, deblurs, and denoises photos. It is best suited for landscapes, distant/close-up portraits, architecture, natural scenes, and other photographic subjects.

"We are thrilled to introduce Aiarty Image Enhancer to the market," added Han. "This software represents a significant leap forward in image enhancement and detail generation technology, empowering users to unlock the full potential of their visual content and elevate their creative endeavors to new heights."

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