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NVIDIA HGX AI Supercomputer Now Available at Exeton - Experience Next-Gen AI Computing



Get your hands on the latest HGX AI Supercomputers at Exeton. Featuring up to eight GPUs, these machines are built for the most demanding AI and HPC tasks.

RUSSIA, April 17, 2024 / -- Exeton proudly announces a significant advancement in computing technology with the availability of the NVIDIA HGX AI Supercomputer. Tailored for high-caliber AI research and high-performance computing (HPC) tasks, the NVIDIA HGX is your gateway to achieving unparalleled computational speeds and efficiency.

The NVIDIA HGX AI platform is offered in several powerful configurations. Customers can choose from single baseboards with four H200 or H100 GPUs, or opt for the more expansive eight-GPU configurations which include combinations of H200, H100, B200, or B100 models. These setups are engineered to handle the most complex and demanding tasks across various industries including AI development, deep learning, and scientific research.

Central to the NVIDIA HGX B200 and B100 models are the innovative Blackwell Tensor Core GPUs. These are seamlessly integrated with high-speed interconnects to propel your data center into the next era of accelerated computing. Offering up to 15X more inference performance than its predecessors, the Blackwell-based HGX systems are ideal for running complex generative AI models, performing advanced data analytics, and managing intensive HPC operations.

The HGX H200 model takes performance to the next level, combining H200 Tensor Core GPUs with state-of-the-art interconnects for superior scalability and security. Capable of delivering up to 32 petaFLOPS of computational power, the HGX H200 sets a new benchmark as the world’s most potent accelerated scale-up server platform for AI and high-performance computing.

Exeton is excited to offer this revolutionary tool that redefines what is possible in AI and HPC. The NVIDIA HGX AI Supercomputer is not just a piece of technology; it is your partner in pushing the boundaries of what is computationally possible. Visit Exeton today and choose the NVIDIA HGX model that will drive your ambitions to new computational heights.

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