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CABLETIME Constructs 8K Product Ecosystem, Leading the New Era of High-Definition Visuals

8K USB Cable

8K USB Cable





CABLETIME to Showcase Groundbreaking 8K Products at Global Tech Exhibitions

ZHEJIANG, NINGBO, CHINA, April 9, 2024 / -- 8K Product Ecosystem: A Fusion of Innovation and Interconnectivity

In the rapidly advancing high-definition video technology sector, CABLETIME leads with a comprehensive series of 8K products. The 8K ecosystem encapsulates a commitment to innovation and interconnectivity, featuring an array of cables, adapters, multiport docking stations, and hubs. This holistic approach provides a single solution for high-definition connection demands. The establishment of this ecosystem signifies CABLETIME's efforts to promote the adoption and application of 8K technology, aiming to enrich visual experiences with unparalleled clarity and variety.

Overview and Highlighted Features of Core Products:

- 8K USB 4 Cable Type C (CT-USB4-ZG): At the heart of the 8K ecosystem, this cable embodies high-speed data transfer, supporting rates up to 40Gbps. It guarantees lossless 8K content transmission and provides robust 240W charging power. The zinc alloy shell and braided outer sheath reflect a dedication to stability and reliability for sustained use.

- 8K 60Hz Bidirectional USB Type-C To DisplayPort Cable (CT-CBD8K-ZG): This cable offers exceptional bi-directional transmission, supporting resolutions of 8K/60Hz and 4K/144Hz. Suitable for professional workstations and home entertainment, it ensures superior image quality and smooth video experiences, marking a new benchmark in visual performance.

-Premium 8K HDMI 2.1 Cable (CT-HD8K-AG): This cable represents the pinnacle of high-definition within the ecosystem. It features an aluminum shell and gold-plated connectors for a steadfast connection. Its 48Gbps bandwidth facilitates effortless transmission of 8K/60Hz signals, aiming to present intricate details with striking clarity.

- 15-in-1 8K USB-C Multiport Docking Station (CT-DK142-AG): This docking station is a key element of the ecosystem, offering a spectrum of interfaces like dual HDMI 8K30Hz and DP 8K30Hz outputs. With additional USB ports and high-speed network connections, the design prioritizes space efficiency and streamlined solutions for work and play.

Exhibition Preview:

CABLETIME is set to make a notable appearance at two key international exhibitions, presenting the 8K product ecosystem and technical expertise to an international forum.


- Exhibition Name: GLOBAL SOURCE Fair
- Dates: April 11th to 14th, 2024
- Location: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
- Booth Number: 6S16
- Exhibition Highlights: The GLOBAL SOURCE Fair stands as a leading event in the consumer electronics field, providing a stage for CABLETIME to engage with key figures in the industry, showcasing the commitment to innovation and quality through the 8K product line.


- Exhibition Name: ICEE RUSSIA Show
- Dates: April 23rd to 26th, 2024
- Location: EXPOCENTER MOSCOW, Russia
- Booth Number: 25B44
- Exhibition Highlights: ICEE RUSSIA Show is a well-known event for the latest electronic products and technology. CABLETIME is prepared to display groundbreaking 8K products, aiming to reinforce a leadership position in the global technology space.

At the Forefront of Visual Innovation:

During these exhibitions, CABLETIME will display the 8K products as examples of innovation in visual technology. Attendees are invited to explore the powerful features and exceptional performance of these products. Open to industry professionals, partners, and technology enthusiasts, CABLETIME aims to offer an understanding of the latest technology trends and collaborative opportunities.


CABLETIME is looking forward to engaging with industry professionals, partners, and consumers at upcoming events. The intention is not only to present the latest products but also to affirm the dedication to delivering high-quality digital solutions that enhance user experiences. An invitation is extended to join in observing the advancements in the realm of 3C digital accessories. With CABLETIME, the anticipation for future technology encompasses a commitment to precision and the potential for extraordinary connectivity experiences. Witness the advent of the 8K era, where every detail is considered, and each connection opens the door to new possibilities.

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