Intersectional Innovations Shares Inspiring First Edition of “Top 20 Restorative People Leaders Watchlist”

Yeruwelle de Rouen, MS, PMP, IDI

Yeruwelle de Rouen, MS, PMP, IDI, Social Impact Consultant and founder of Intersectional Innovations.

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DENVER, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, April 2, 2024 / -- Intersectional Innovations, a leading Social Impact consulting company, is excited to present its Top 20 Restorative People Leaders Watchlist. This chosen group of top People Leaders has been recognized for the substantial cultural impact they've made in their respective organizations and beyond, particularly focused on cultivating supportive and healthy workplaces. This accolade celebrates individual accomplishments, and as this is the inaugural edition, it establishes the benchmark for what a Restorative Leader should embody in a real-world workplace setting.

A Restorative Leader, as defined by Intersectional Innovations, prioritizes personal wellness and mental clarity, enabling them to effectively nurture and guide their teams. They proactively address challenges by providing creative and efficient solutions. These leaders highly value trust, transparency, and collaboration, creating an environment conducive to their team's growth, health, and success.

Among the notable leaders is Dr. Riane Eisler, President of the Center for Partnership Systems, a globally respected Social Scientist who has been instrumental in the inclusion of women and children in human rights theory. To commemorate this inaugural edition of the Restorative People Leaders Watchlist, Intersectional Innovations sat down for an exclusive 30-minute interview with Dr. Eisler, who has presented and lectured at various institutions around the world, including the U.S. Department of State, Congressional briefings, and the United Nations General Assembly.

Other leaders recognized in the watchlist include Robert Barea, Vice President of Inclusion and Diversity at Prudential, along with many other influential People Leaders from diverse industries and backgrounds.

When questioned about his approach to promoting equity and inclusion in his organization's workplace, Robert Barea stated, "you have to preach curiosity. This allows you to challenge your knowledge and build inclusive workplaces."

Each winner from the watchlist was asked five questions about their leadership style. The questions covered the celebration of individual and team successes, promotion of inclusion and equity, innovation and partnerships, and encouragement of feedback and freedom of expression in the workplace.

Intersectional Innovations hopes the Restorative People Leaders Watchlist will inspire future leaders to embody restorative leadership qualities, demonstrate curiosity, proactively resolve issues, and uplift others in the workplace. The broader vision is to ignite a shift towards leadership rooted in empathy, resilience, and a commitment to fostering inclusive and supportive workplaces globally.

The visionary behind the Denver company Intersectional Innovations, Yeruwelle de Rouen, MS, PMP, IDI, is a Social Impact Consultant dedicated to transforming the narrative of traditional DEI training. She holds an M.A. in Critical Race Theory and Organizational Development, which shapes her innovative approach to Social Impact work. This approach is radical, effective, and necessary in a collective workplace and leadership community often characterized by a lack of fundamental inclusion principles.

Intersectional Innovations is trusted by brands like Denny's Restaurants, Girls Inc., Portland Metro STEM Partnership, Green Leaf Guild, Oregon Department of Education, and Portland State University.

"In light of the escalating burnout among People Leaders, our Top 20 Restorative People Leaders Watchlist serves as a beacon of inspiration, showcasing the pivotal roles these leaders play in nurturing work environments that prioritize well-being and restoration," stated Yeruwelle de Rouen. She further added, "By acknowledging this watchlist, we can collectively transform the workplace into a setting where everyone feels heard, valued, and motivated to contribute their best."

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