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Fun and Games: Teach and Learn Measurement System Basics with the SI Units Card Deck

It’s easy to learn the metric system with the SI Units Card Deck (NIST SP 1297), an interactive educational activity that helps learners build their skills using the major elements of the International System of Units (SI). The card deck consists of nine sets of cards, each featuring different aspects of the SI, such as the defining constants, base units, derived units with special names, and prefixes (including the four new prefixes ronna, ronto, quetta, and quecto). The activity includes game instructions, a game template where students develop their own game rules, and supplemental resources. Game play can be adapted for different skill levels, from grade 3 through higher education. Although fun to play as a team activity, the deck is also suitable for use during individual study.

During the game, players turn over cards and consult the SI Prefixes chart to verify each pair.
Credit: NIST

Practice and proficiency are two benefits of the gamification of learning. Games are a low-risk opportunity to experience success by applying SI measures that motivate, build confidence, and transfer skills to other situations. Multiple games can be played with the card deck, such as matching, sorting, and trivia, to enhance SI applications in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Game activities divide major elements of the SI measurement system into chunks and reinforce their relationships, such as the relationships between the derived units with special names and symbols and the seven traditional base units, illustrated in the SI Units Relationships Poster (SP 1247). Measurement writing style requirements, including unit symbol and prefix capitalization, are modeled using the sets.

This publication was designed and developed by Dinelka Jagoda, University of Maryland, in cooperation with mentor Elizabeth Benham, to fulfill the research requirements of a NIST Professional Research Experience Program (PREP) and Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) internships. Download a copy of the SI Units Card Deck and explore other education and training resources today!