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New Living Expo returns for its second year in San Rafael, CA, after long runs in San Francisco and San Mateo.

NLE keynote speaker Dannion Brinkley has been through three "near death" experiences which he's chronicled in three best-selling books.

Brinkley is not only a national leader in the hospice movement, but a volunteer counselor himself and estimates he has helped over 2,017 people in this process.

New York Times bestselling author recruits hospice volunteers at every event

It’s simple: I can recruit more hospice volunteers at events like New Living Expo than any other events I’ve attended or spoken at.””
— Dannion Brinkley

SAN RAFAEL, CA, USA, March 28, 2024 / -- Dannion Brinkley has a simple reason for faithfully speaking at Whole Life and New Living Expos ( going back to the late 1980s.

“It’s simple,” the New York Times bestselling author of Saved by The Light (1994) explains. “I can recruit more hospice volunteers at these events than any other events I’ve attended or spoken at.”

Brinkley is co-founder and Board Chairman of the Twilight Brigade (formerly called Compassion in Action), a non-profit international organization that supports bedside volunteers who provide companionship to those who are dying, especially veterans, during the last months of life. Brinkley's started working with dying veterans and AIDS patients in 1984 and he has logged many thousands of volunteer hospice hours.

The Twilight Brigade now has offices in 16 states and over 5,000 volunteers, including several active-duty military personnel and veterans.

“Veterans wonder if anyone will appreciate what they did in the end,” Brinkley says. “They were there for us when we needed them – we need to be there for them.” Brinkley, a US Marine Corps vet, says he has personally been with 2,017 people through the hospice process, the most recent a veteran who passed at 6:05pm on Monday.

“At New Living Expo, I find many conscious-minded people looking for opportunities like this,” Brinkley says. “The attendees come out looking for ways to contribute and make a difference, and this work is a calling for many of them.”

Brinkley is also the co-founder of Veterans Care Plus, a health care advocacy program for U.S. veterans and their families that provides access to low-cost prescription medications. This program has been selected by the Veterans of Foreign Wars for its members; Brinkley co-wrote the standard life-care manual for the VA and its No Vet Dies Alone (NVDA) program. Most of the volunteers he recruits are funneled through NVDA or local programs in all the cities and states he regularly visits.

Brinkley is one of the more passionate, entertaining and compelling speakers at New Living Expo; his talk is set for Saturday, April 20 from 11a-12:30p, is named after his first book (Saved By the Light) and touches on all aspects of his Near Death Experience (NDE) and his hospice activism, leadership and volunteerism.

“My (Baby Boomer) generation has to face this issue front and center now,” says Brinkley. “Sooner or later, everyone will be a hospice volunteer one way or another; it could be for a parent, friend, relative or even yourself. Why not embrace this, get the training that will help you learn to cope with it and help others going through end-of-life experience?”

His first book, Brinkley describes the two extensive near-death experiences, including his originally shared with near-death researcher Raymond Moody shortly after it occurred.

He was struck by lightning on September 17, 1975, while using a telephone at home, and was clinically dead for 28 minutes, had a sheet over his head and was in the hospital morgue when he re-entered his body, blew on the sheet to be seen and was revived. Brinkley described many characteristic details of a NDE as well as certain unique ones. His account includes an out-of-body experience with extensive observations of physical surroundings, passing through a tunnel, meeting with a Being of Light, a high-speed and detailed life review, discussion of his life mission, and a strong reluctance to return.

“Dannion (Brinkley) is one of my favorite speakers in all my years of doing this,” says event founder and longtime producer Ken Kaufman. “His books have made a difference in my life, and his passion and commitment to what he believes is second to none. He’s also a phenomenal presenter.”

Brinkley has written two follow up books: 1995’s At Peace in the Light, and 2009’s The Secrets of the Light, and he’s working on a new book now (Certainty: Guaranteed & Inevitable/A Book About Breathing) which he expects to release sometime next year. For more information about Brinkley’s books: For more information about Dannion Brinkley:

New Living Expo also features DIY panels, 120+ special exhibits, Yoga classes, QiGong demos, Outdoor Music Stage, and natural food sampling and dining in the Outdoor Food Pavilion.

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