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Author on Conservative American Politics and Israeli and Global Security Launches Substack Blog

Daniel Ben Abraham

Available in the Israel and Global Security newsletter by Daniel Ben Abraham

The Adventures of a Young Mashiach series by Daniel Ben Abraham

Trump Versus the Hive, a political commentary and analysis series by Daniel Ben Abraham

Trump Versus the Hive, a series by Daniel Ben Abraham

Daniel Ben Abraham's newsletters on American politics and Israeli and Global Security launched on new Substack blog to develop world peace strategy

The opposite of war is nuance”
— Daniel Ben Abraham

CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 18, 2024 / -- Author Daniel Ben Abraham, a lawyer with a background in international law, has launched a Substack blog of his creative writings and ideas on metaphysical solutions for the American political divide, and Israeli and global security challenges.

With Daniel’s move to the Substack platform, he has launched two newsletters.

Daniel Ben Abraham has launched the American Freedom newsletter, writing about his unique perspectives of the ideological divide between Left and Right in America. With the American political divide deepening as we head toward the 2024 election, the newsletter will include Daniel’s series, “Trump Versus the Hive“, a creative political analysis and commentary about Donald Trump’s battle for freedom against Left ideology. Topics will include analysis of Trump’s ongoing legal challenges, the neutrality of the media landscape and Justice Department, and ideas for helping America understand its ideological divide better to avoid a second civil war.

Building on Daniel’s foreign policy blog on the Times of Israel, he has also launched his Israel and Global Security newsletter, with his analysis and creative ideas for understanding and resolving Israel’s and the world’s security challenges. The newsletter will include the series, “Adventures of a Young Meshiach“. This unique series explains the faults with the current international dispute resolution system, and presents Daniel’s theoretical invention for a new world peace-building system to prevent World War Three (WW3) called the PeaceMatrix™.

Both newsletters will also contain Daniel’s analysis using what he calls “PeaceMatrix™ Entitativity theory”, his new theory of understanding the dynamics of ideologies in conflict he believes holds the keys to unlocking and ending all war amongst mankind.

Daniel Ben Abraham’s blog can be found at . The newsletters offer a free subscription option for much content, and an $8 a month option for full access.

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