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A' Design Award Launches World University Rankings for Design, Architecture, Engineering, Innovation, and Technology

World University Rankings

World University Rankings

World University Rankings aims to Recognize Academic Excellence in Design, Architecture, Engineering & Innovation via Comprehensive and Transparent Evaluation

COMO, ITALY, March 12, 2024 / -- In a significant stride towards celebrating and promoting global academic excellence, the A' Design Award and Competition is thrilled to unveil the first-ever World University Rankings dedicated to the fields of design, architecture, engineering, innovation, and technology. This pioneering initiative seeks to spotlight the academic institutions that play a pivotal role in cultivating the world's leading designers, architects, and innovators, thereby shaping the future of these essential industries.

The World University Rankings emerge from the A' Design Award and Competition's commitment to fostering a culture of innovation and excellence. Recognized as an important global platform for design accolades, the A' Design Award has long been an advocate for outstanding design and creative achievements. With the launch of these rankings, the organization extends its influence beyond the professional sphere to recognize the academic institutions that lay the foundation for these achievements.

"Onur Mustak Cobanli, founder of the A' Design Award and Competition, expressed enthusiasm for this extension of the organization's mission, stating, 'The introduction of the World University Rankings marks a significant milestone in our journey to promote excellence and innovation. By acknowledging the academic powerhouses behind the world's most creative minds, we aim to inspire institutions and individuals alike to strive for greatness and contribute to a better future through design and innovation.'"

The World University Rankings aim to offer a comprehensive and transparent evaluation of universities worldwide, based on the performance of their affiliated individuals in the prestigious A' Design Award and Competition. The rankings are divided into two categories: Heritage Rankings, which reflect an institution's cumulative excellence over the years, and Current Rankings, focusing on recent achievements and innovations.

Elevating Academic and Professional Excellence Through a Unique Evaluation System

The methodology underpinning the World University Rankings is designed with transparency and fairness at its core, reflecting the meritocratic ethos of the A' Design Award and Competition. Universities are evaluated based on the achievements of their affiliated professionals, including alumni, faculty, and students, who have been recognized in the A' Design Awards. This comprehensive assessment is divided into Heritage and Current Rankings, each offering a unique perspective on an institution's impact and excellence in the fields of design, architecture, engineering, innovation, and technology.

Heritage Rankings celebrate the long-standing tradition of excellence, taking into account the cumulative achievements of affiliated individuals over the years. In contrast, Current Rankings provide a dynamic view of recent successes and innovations, highlighting institutions that are at the forefront of shaping the future. This dual approach ensures a balanced evaluation that recognizes both historical contributions and contemporary advancements.

Transformative Benefits for Universities, Professionals, and Society

Participation in the World University Rankings presents numerous advantages. For academic institutions, it offers increased visibility, recognition, and the opportunity to attract top talent and resources, enhancing their global stature and academic legacy. Professionals affiliated with ranked institutions enjoy heightened credibility, expanded networks, and improved career prospects, establishing themselves as leaders in their fields.

Beyond individual and institutional benefits, the World University Rankings have a profound societal impact. By promoting innovation and fostering collaboration, they contribute to the development of solutions to global challenges, driving progress and positive change in design, technology, and beyond.

A Catalyst for Collaboration and Innovation

The World University Rankings are more than a mere accolade; they are a catalyst for collaboration, innovation, and growth. "The World University Rankings not only showcase the outstanding contributions of academic institutions but also serve as a springboard for future achievements," said Makpal Bayetova, Vice President at A' Design Awards. "They inspire a competitive spirit and a drive for excellence that transcends geographical and disciplinary boundaries, fostering a global community committed to advancing the frontiers of knowledge and design."

Universities and professionals are encouraged to participate in the rankings by affiliating their achievements with their respective institutions through the A' Design Award platform. This engagement not only contributes to the prestige of their alma mater but also enhances their professional profile, creating a virtuous cycle of recognition and success.

The A' Design Award invites academic institutions, professionals, and students from around the world to explore the World University Rankings, participate in the competition, and join a community dedicated to excellence in design, architecture, engineering, innovation, and technology. Through this collaborative effort, the A' Design Award aims to inspire, promote, and celebrate the incredible talent and achievements that contribute to a better, more innovative, and more sustainable world. Interested parties may visit to learn more and participate in the rankings.

About A' Design Awards

The A' Design Award & Competition is an influential international design accolade, organized annually across a wide array of categories to recognize and celebrate outstanding design from all countries. Driven by a philanthropic mission, the A' Design Award aspires to enhance global society through the power of good design. The core aim of A' Design Award and Competition is to make the world a better place by championing the transformative power of good design, motivating designers, innovators, and brands to develop superior products and projects that have a positive impact on our global community.

Through a rigorous and comprehensive award process, the A' Design Award recognizes remarkable achievements in design and innovation, showcasing these pioneering efforts on an international stage. This celebration of creativity not only honors the ingenious minds behind these contributions but also fosters a worldwide appreciation for the principles of good design. By promoting these principles, the A' Design Award & Competition drives the cycle of inspiration and progress, contributing to the advancement of design excellence and innovation across the globe.

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