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Kelsie Kimberlin’s Releases A Video Directed At House Speaker Mike Johnson

Andriy Memory

Andriy Rochok Beside Memory Candle

Andrey Preparing To Deploy

Andriy Standing In Uniform

Andriy and Kelsie Together

Andriy and Kelsie At Kyiv Train Station

Kelsie’s Cousin, Andriy Rachok, Was Killed On The Ukrainian Front Line After His Battalion Was Forced To Ration Ammunition

Andriy’s mission is to haunt Speaker Johnson until he finds just a fraction of Andriy's courage. He won't let them forget his name, his face, or his cause because they are reminders of their apostasy.”
— Kelsie Kimberlin
WASHINGTON , DC, UNITED STATES, March 12, 2024 / -- Kelsie Kimberlin, a popular American-Ukrainian singer who has been strongly supporting Ukraine with her voice and music videos, received the news that every Ukrainian dreads—her beloved cousin, Andriy Rachok, was killed on February 22, 2024, on the front line near Avdivka, Ukraine at the age of 21. He was a gifted, respected, and talented soldier who died a hero protecting his fellow soldiers. His battalion lacked the necessary firepower to repel the enemy’s artillery and drone assault due to the rationing of ammunition. For four months, Speaker of the House Mike Johnson and his Republican colleagues have cynically refused to allow bipartisan members of Congress to vote on a necessary and crucial funding package for Ukraine. This obstruction has caused the death and injury of thousands of Ukrainians, both soldiers and civilians, including babies, children, and pregnant women. And with the death of Andriy, their act of betrayal has not only harmed Ukrainians but also Kelsie’s family in America.

Kelsie released a video today entitled “Andriy Rochok’s New Mission” which is directed at Speaker Johnson and those in the Republican House. “I want you to remember a name—Andriy Rochok,” Kelsie said. “He is my cousin and this is his picture. His ghost is here to haunt you and bring you nightmares. Why? Because you betrayed him, the people of Ukraine, the historic leadership of the United States, and democracy around the globe.”

Andriy was born in a small village in Ukraine. He was raised by his grandparents, and Kelsie’s mother and father became his long distant parents. Every summer during her childhood, Kelsie visited that small village with her family becoming very close to Andriy. They played, fished, swam, and spent time on the beaches of the Azov and Black Seas. Last August, when Kelsie was back in Kyiv doing humanitarian work, Andriy came there to volunteer for the Armed Forces. He said that he was now a man who wanted to defend his country. Over the next several months, he sent Kelsie photos with his troop, and she was proud to see him so handsome in his uniform.

Andriy was buried on February 26th in his small village next to Kelsie’s grandfather and grandmother. The entire village lined the road for kilometers on bended knee as he was carried by his comrades to the grave site. His commander and fellow soldiers praised him for his strength and heroism. The flags of Ukraine and his battalion were handed to his weeping grandparents minutes before he was laid to rest.

In the video, Kelsie said this: “Andriy’s mission now is to haunt Speaker Johnson and his Republican colleagues until they find just a fraction of the courage he showed during his tragic, young life. He will not let them forget his name, his face, or his cause because they are reminders of their apostasy.”

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Andriy Rachok's New Mission--Speaker Johnson, My Cousin Was Killed On The Front Line In Ukraine