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Top of the Meme Chain: TROLL Token Leads the Charge in Digital Humor and Finance

New York, NY, March 09, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Troll Face, with its mischievously smug grin, has become an iconic symbol of internet humor and mischief, solidifying its place as arguably the most popular meme of all time. Carrying the spirit of early internet culture, where users valued the freedom to poke fun at each other and the world at large without serious repercussions, Troll Face has become more than just a meme—it's a symbol of the playful and creative potential of internet culture, making it a cornerstone of digital expression and connectivity. Over time, Troll Face has evolved beyond its origins to become a universal symbol of internet humor, and has inspired the creation of the cryptocurrency meme token TROLL ($TROLL), on the Ethereum Network (ERC-20 Token).

Originating in 2008 on the 4chan boards, Troll face was created by Carlos Ramirez, who never anticipated its monumental impact on digital communication. Its widespread recognition is a testament its strong roots within digital communities as it portrays values of creativity, anonymity, and a shared sense of humor. 

The TROLL token brings together spirit of early internet culture and cryptocurrency while delivering the highest levels of safety and commitment to a truly decentralized community owned token. The entire TROLL ecosystem is built to embrace the potential of meme culture as a legitimate driver of value in the digital economy. One of the first features within the TROLL ecosystem is the TROLL NFT mint and rewards system. Through the NFT minting dApp ( anyone has the ability to mint their own Troll NFT and participate in the first exclusive release, which includes 3000 unique NFTs. Different than many other NFT releases, TROLL NFTs offer rewards to those who mint in the form of $TROLL tokens. The more NFTs you own, the more rewards you receive as the collection is minted.

Token Details (Tokenomics)

Launched on April 19, 2023 on the Ethereum Network, the TROLL ($TROLL) token was designed to provide complete ownership to its community, through a 0% transaction fee platform and a maximum supply that cannot be increased. TROLL is deflationary as it has a total supply of 960,420,000,000,000 $TROLL, and that number cannot ever be modified. The token's liquidity is burnt, and the contract is renounced to the Ethereum Network. These security measures ensure that no person, even the developer does not ever have access to the ownership of the token's liquidity pool and smart contract features - providing the highest level of confidence to TROLL token holders. 

Token Contract: 0xf8ebf4849F1Fa4FaF0DFF2106A173D3A6CB2eB3A

Token name: TROLL

Token ticker: TROLL

Token standard: ERC-20

Total supply: 960,420,000,000,000

Taxes: 0% Buy, Sell, and Transaction fees

The TROLL meme token encapsulates the energy of disruption and innovation, mirroring the foundational principles of the cryptocurrency market itself, while providing a distinct brand identity that stands out in the competitive Web3 space. To learn more about the TROLL ($TROLL) token, visit the media links below.

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