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Eindhoven University Of Technology Expands LoRaWAN® Connectivity With TEKTELIC Gateways

CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA, February 26, 2024 / -- The Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) has implemented significant expansions and updates to its LoRaWAN® / Internet of Things (IoT) networks on and around the campus. With these updates, all access points now function as a neutral host, suitable for various LoRa networks and projects. This development was made possible through the involvement of SkyLab B.V. and SkyNet IoT.

Unlike traditional individual LoRaWAN® network providers, SkyNet IoT offers an innovative neutral hosting solution that enables the simultaneous hosting of multiple private, commercial, and public networks. This approach allows TU/e and others to flexibly respond to market developments while simultaneously utilizing different existing LoRaWAN® networks and their capabilities.

The implementation of this solution ensures that the gateways are multifunctional, giving users the freedom to choose between different networks simultaneously with minimal impact on the environment.


SkyNet IoT has strategically selected the TEKTELIC KONA Enterprise Gateway for its LoRaWAN® expansion due to several compelling reasons. The TEKTELIC KONA Enterprise Gateway is renowned for its robust and reliable performance, making it an ideal choice for supporting the multifunctional and global connectivity requirements of SkyNet IoT’s network.

Scalability: The TEKTELIC KONA Enterprise Gateway seamlessly accommodates growing device numbers and expands network coverage, crucial for meeting diverse network needs.

Security: Equipped with advanced features, the TEKTELIC KONA Enterprise Gateway ensures data integrity and confidentiality, aligning with SkyNet IoT’s commitment to secure IoT connectivity.

Integration and Management: The TEKTELIC KONA Enterprise Gateway’s integration capabilities and management tools streamline network implementation and maintenance, enhancing operational efficiency and reliability.

Global Connectivity: The TEKTELIC KONA Enterprise Gateway supports global connectivity and roaming across LoRaWAN® networks, enhancing accessibility and reinforcing SkyNet IoT’s position as a leading multi-network provider.

In conclusion, the selection of the TEKTELIC KONA Enterprise Gateway by SkyNet IoT for its LoRaWAN® expansion is underpinned by the gateway’s scalability, security features, integration capabilities, and support for global connectivity. This strategic choice reflects SkyNet IoT’s commitment to providing a robust, secure, and versatile platform for hosting multiple LoRaWAN® networks, ultimately benefiting stakeholders such as Eindhoven University of Technology and contributing to the advancement of IoT innovation and development.

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