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ACC Statement on Center for Climate Integrity Report on Plastics Recycling

WASHINGTON, DC (February 15, 2024) — Today the Center for Climate Integrity released a report on plastics recycling. The following may be attributed to Ross Eisenberg, president of America’s Plastic Makers®:

“Changing the way plastics are made and remade is a top priority for America’s plastic makers. We’ve set an ambitious goal for all US plastic packaging to be reused, recycled, recovered by 2040, and we are working towards this goal by supporting systems and technologies that remake new plastics from used plastics.

“To improve how plastics are made and remade, we need an all-the-above approach that combines innovation, investments and good policy. In addition to advanced recycling facilities already operating at commercial scale, America’s plastic makers are investing billions of dollars in innovating products and technologies that can better sort, capture and recycle greater amounts and more types of plastics. In the market today are redesigned plastic products that help minimize excess material, incorporate recycled content, and are more compatible with the recycling stream. And we are advocating for smart public policies that will unleash more investments and create an environment that will help modernize the way plastics are made and remade today and in the future.  

“Business as usual won’t fix the problem, but in the US, EU and around the world investments in advanced recycling can be a game changer to better manage our vital plastic resources. Plastics are highly efficient modern materials that are critical to building the sustainable, lower carbon future we all want. We need plastics to meet our renewable energy, clean water, connectivity, and global health and nutrition goals.

“Unfortunately, this flawed report cites outdated, decades-old technologies, and works against our goals to be more sustainable by mischaracterizing the industry and the state of today's recycling technologies. This undermines the essential benefits of plastics and the important work underway to improve the way plastics are used and reused to meet society's needs."