Loke G discusses New FEMA and Weather Disaster Procedures

Houston Ethnic Media Leader Sandy Close and Panelists

Houston Ethnic Media Roundtable discussion with FEMA, AARP and National Weather Service includes updates for Disasters.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
— Nelson Mandela
HOUSTON, TX, UNITED STATES, February 11, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ -- In a pivotal gathering at the Southwest News Group offices, the Houston Ethnic Media Roundtable brought together over 30 local ethnic journalists for a critical discussion on disaster preparedness, featuring key updates from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Loke G, representing AKM Publishing, was among the participants who emphasized the indispensable role of ethnic media in delivering crucial information to Houston's diverse communities. The roundtable, marked by insights from FEMA representatives and emergency management experts, underscored a collective stride towards more inclusive and equitable disaster response strategies.

The session commenced with an engaging address by FEMA Deputy Regional Administrator for Region 6, Traci Brasher, who via Zoom, laid out the agency's dedication to integrating equity into disaster assistance. Brasher introduced FEMA's #WinterReady campaign and unveiled significant updates to the Individual Assistance program aimed at enhancing access to aid, broadening eligibility for repairs, and streamlining the application process for disaster survivors.

Brasher's emphasis on equity resonated throughout the discussions, particularly with the introduction of FEMA's guide, “Achieving Equitable Recovery: A Post-Disaster Guide for Local Officials and Leaders,” a testament to the agency's commitment to rebuilding communities in an accessible, inclusive, and equitable manner.

Panelists, including Brian Murray from the Harris County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, and Dan Reilly of the National Weather Service Houston/Galveston, highlighted the importance of inclusive communication and the necessity of extending outreach to underserved communities. Their presentations focused on strategies for enhancing community resilience, the criticality of language inclusivity, and the leveraging of technology to overcome communication barriers in weather forecasting and emergency alerts.

Logan Perkes, FEMA Region 6 Disability Integration Specialist, and Jason Tudor from AARP, provided insights on the specific needs of individuals with disabilities and older Americans in disaster situations. Their contributions underscored the importance of personalized emergency planning, the maintenance of a robust supply of essential medications, and the development of tailored solutions to improve disaster resilience among vulnerable populations.

The roundtable's discussions illuminated the vital partnership between emergency management agencies and ethnic media in fostering a well-prepared and informed community. By emphasizing the role of ethnic media in bridging information gaps and ensuring that critical disaster preparedness resources reach all segments of Houston's population, the event marked a significant step towards a more resilient and inclusive future.

This collaboration highlights a forward-looking approach to disaster preparedness, where the focus is not only on responding to emergencies but also on ensuring equitable access to information and resources across all communities. The Houston Ethnic Media Roundtable serves as a model for other cities and regions, demonstrating the power of partnership and communication in building a society that is better prepared to face and recover from disasters.

In a world where the frequency and intensity of disasters are on the rise, such initiatives are not just commendable but essential. They ensure that every individual, regardless of language, disability, or age, has the tools and knowledge necessary to navigate the challenges posed by natural and man-made disasters. The commitment shown by FEMA, alongside local agencies and ethnic media, in advancing these goals is a beacon of hope for a safer, more resilient Houston.

For those interested in furthering their knowledge and preparedness for disasters, a wealth of resources is available, including guides on disability preparedness at Ready.gov, weather information and alerts from the National Weather Service, and AARP's disaster resilience toolkit. These resources underscore the roundtable's message: empowerment through information and preparedness is key to safeguarding our communities against the inevitable challenges of disasters.
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