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Justice Reform Foundation Founder Justin Magnuson Champions “Stories of Injustice”

DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, February 7, 2024 / -- Justin Magnuson, President of the Justice Reform Foundation (JRF), has just announced the foundations newest initiative. The program, which has been aptly named “Stories of Injustice”, will offer individuals who have been treated unjustly by the criminal justice system a blogging space within the JRF website for presenting their own unique and personal stories – allowing victims of the system to offer a counter narrative to the negatively biased, accusation-based reporting that most often appears online once the legal process within the Justice system begins. These premature reports, more often marred by inaccurate information and unsubstantiated claims, are a weapon used to unfairly prejudice public opinion against the accused before the legal process has even begun.

Mr. Magnuson, a serial entrepreneur, is CEO of Magnuson Capital, a Dallas based Venture Capital firm. Previously, he served as founder and CEO of Stratus Neuro, the nation’s leading provider of in-home video EEG testing services that was acquired in a 2017 transaction valued at approximately $100 million. Other holdings of note within Mr. Magnuson’s portfolio include It’s a Secret Med Spa, one of the largest chains of Medical Spas in the United States, and Positronic AI, developer of the noted LIT.AI No Code Predictive AI platform.
Stories of Injustice represents a new field of activity for the JRF, which was founded in 2022 to provide support for individuals who have been swept up into the criminal justice system. More specifically, this support is offered by providing legal assistance to the accused as well as re-integration tools to former detainees following their release from prison. Other JRF activities include educating the public on the need for crucial judicial reforms, plus overhauling the bail system, ending unlawful detainment, decriminalizing marijuana, calling out instances of prosecutorial misconduct, and eliminating class-based inequality that exists within the court system.

Mr. Magnuson describes the motivation behind the initiative:

“The saying Innocent until proven guilty was initially designed to be the central tenet through which our justice system would work efficiently and fairly… sad to say, but this statement is currently irrelevant. From my perspective, “Guilty until proven innocent” is the saying that rings true today, both from the public and governments perspective. Stories of Injustice will mark JRF’s contribution toward bringing life back into this most important statement of what justice means, and as it was originally conceived.”

Stories of Injustice seeks to empower individuals who have endured injustices within the criminal justice system, including those who have been incarcerated under loosely defined laws like conspiracy, subjected to excessive pre-trial detention, or felt compelled to accept plea deals to avoid the risk of lengthy prison sentences even if they were innocent of the charges against them.

The final verdict of those who fall victim to our Justice System creates a major irony, for these individuals face major challenges as they reintegrate into society, burdened by the stigma of negative online publicity – even though the charges rarely define the crime and in many cases a crime never even occurred. The initiative's primary strength lies in its ability to utilize the Justice Reform Foundation to amplify the voices of those who have been wronged, counteracting the stigma with their true stories and challenging the often incomplete and misleading information reported in the news and on

Mr. Magnuson and the JRF are actively seeking the participation of victims of the criminal justice system for the Stories of Injustice initiative, as well potential donors, volunteers, and project supporters.

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