Angel Del Villar (DEL Records) and Javier González (Tamarindo Rekordsz): Paving the Way with DSTRO7, Inc.'s Distribution

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 17, 2024 / -- In what is shaping up as a key period for the Latin music industry, Angel del Villar, founder of DEL Records, and Javier González, founder of Tamarindo Rekordsz, are today making great strides. These two titans of the industry have developed an alliance against all competitors in the distribution of independent music with DSTRO7, Inc., a company specifically focused on music streaming, monetization, promotion, and comprehensive services typical of a record label. This collaboration is not only a meeting of minds but a fusion of visionary leadership and innovation, poised to redefine the boundaries of the independent music industry.

Angel del Villar: Breaking Records and Re-envisioning Regional Mexican Music

Angel Del Villar's DEL Records has been a dominant phenomenon in the Mexican regional music scene. The label's recent achievements, such as the success of Eslabon Armado's "Ella Baila Sola," which was recently recognized as the first song to achieve one billion plays on Spotify and shot to the top of the Hot Latin Songs and Billboard Global 200 charts, are a testament to Del Villar's visionary leadership. Under his leadership, DEL Records continues to discover and develop talents that redefine the genre.

Tamarindo Rekordsz: Closing Chapters and Opening New Doors

Tamarindo Rekordsz, under the leadership of Javier González, recently announced the end of its professional relationship with Carín León, marking the conclusion of a successful and influential collaboration. This transition signifies a strategic turn for Tamarindo Rekordsz as it looks towards new horizons and partnerships, illustrating the dynamic nature of the music industry.

DSTRO7, Inc.: The Backbone of Modern Music Strategy

Supporting these industry giants is DSTRO7, Inc., whose services are fundamental to the future success of DEL Records and Tamarindo Rekordsz. DSTRO7, Inc. offers a comprehensive set of necessary services that satisfy every corner of the modern music industry:

Content Distribution: Facilitating the reach of musical and video content on major digital platforms, ensuring optimal visibility and monetization.

Marketing and Promotion: Implementing multi-channel marketing strategies to engage diverse audiences, leveraging social media, influencers, and public relations.

Data and Analytics: Providing practical insights and real data partitions on digital platforms, informative strategic examples for revenue growth and eye-catching content.

Creative Services: Offering a range of services from recording, production, mixing, mastering to video production, ensuring professional quality in all creative outcomes.

These services from DSTRO7, Inc. are not only enhancing the visibility and financial success of artists and labels but are also shaping the future of how music is consumed and appreciated in the digital age.

A New Chapter in the Leadership of the Latin Music Industry

With the strategic use of DSTRO7, Inc.'s services, both Angel Del Villar and Tamarindo Rekordsz are setting new standards in the industry. Their stories are prime examples of how adopting innovative digital strategies can lead to remarkable achievements in the world of music.

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