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As War Rages On in Ukraine, Anna Rekeda Provides Undaunted Support

Alexander Rekeda

Institute for the War Study (ISW)

HOBOKEN, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, January 16, 2024 / -- The ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine has unleashed extensive disruption, profoundly affecting different facets of life, especially education. The turmoil steaming from the war has inflicted severe and lasting damage on Ukraine's educational system, affecting many students.

As the war rages in Ukraine, millions of school kids are experiencing daily bombardments. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has devastated kindergartens and schools in Ukraine. The most annoying part is that most of the damage to educational facilities resulted from aerial attacks and artillery shelling. In a report, the UN Children's Fund UNICEF pointed out that children face an immediate and growing threat from the conflict.

A Father-Daughter Team
Since the start, Anna Rekeda has played a vital role in Unity for Freedom. She assisted her father, Alexander Rekeda, to establish a charitable organization in 2022. Currently, she continuously raises funds for the nonprofit via different fundraising drives.

These deeds are more inspiring, considering she's a full-time learner at Hoboken High School. Apart from school work and charity services, Anna is a competitive fencer.

Amid the conflicts and turmoil, people like Alexander Rekeda and his first-born daughter, Anna, are striving to bring hope. With their unwavering support and tireless efforts, the duo has extended the lifeline of all the affected victims.

As Anna was helping the volunteers with operating United for Freedom, Anna realized that she could make a difference on her own. In a quest to help the children in Ukraine cope with this menace, Anna Rekeda has begun offering free English tutoring to high school students in Ukraine. She started with two high school students in Kyiv and one in Obukhov, a small town close to Kyiv. After providing a few lessons, she expanded to Sumy, a city 25 miles from Russia's border, which experienced frequent attacks.

Anna Rekeda's commitment to offering free tutoring for the affected high schoolers is commendable. During challenging times, providing educational aid serves as a lifeline for those affected by the conflict, whether social, political, or economic.

Through free tutoring, Anna is empowering the youth with valuable skill sets. Proficiency in the English language opens doors to vast educational and professional opportunities. Additionally, learners facing conflict may struggle to need help accessing learning materials or even pay for extra education. So, Anna's initiative is bridging this gap, ensuring high schoolers can continue getting valuable knowledge.

The English tutoring experience has become something unique. Anna was surprised the students requested her to proceed with the sessions when the incoming air strike alarm went off. Local children are accustomed to that and readily relocate to a shelter as it's a regular routine. The truth is, they like to have the lessons when they are in the shelter during a bomb attack since it distracts their attention from what's happening.

After a while, Anna realized that her simple tutoring had become a psychology session. For local children, interacting with a foreigner relieves them and helps them cope effectively. So, what is her next step? Anna plans to collaborate with her classmates at Hoboken High to create a club where they can tutor more local kids in war-torn areas.

Anna Rekeda proved that offering help to Ukraine can change the lives of ordinary people. Her commitment to the cause shows how the youth across the US can take part in charity work and make a real difference in the people in need.

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