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Keto Author Adam Voegtli Launches New Facebook Group to Promote Keto Awareness

a banner made for the keto kings and queens facebook group.

a banner made for the keto kings and queens facebook group.

Adam Voegtli's first cookbook

Adam Voegtli's first cookbook

UNITED STATES, December 29, 2023 / -- Adam Voegtli, a keto author and advocate, announced the creation of a new Facebook group dedicated to promoting awareness about the ketogenic diet. The group, aptly named "Keto kings and queens," is set to become a hub for individuals interested in exploring the benefits of keto, including weight loss, blood sugar control, cognitive enhancements, and its potential role in cancer treatment.

Voegtli, who has authored several books inspired by his own transformative journey with the keto diet, has taken to social media to invite individuals from all walks of life to join this informative and supportive community. Through the group, he aims to share his extensive knowledge about the ketogenic diet, offer guidance to newcomers, and foster a sense of camaraderie among those who have embarked on this dietary journey.

In a recent Facebook post, Voegtli expressed his enthusiasm for this new venture, stating, "I've created a new Facebook group for anyone who's into keto. The group will talk about ketosis and its benefits, mainly for weight loss, as well as other benefits towards blood sugar control, cognitive benefits, and even potential uses in cancer treatment."

The "Keto Kings and Queens" group welcomes individuals at all stages of their keto journey, whether they are curious newcomers, seasoned practitioners, or individuals eager to share their personal experiences and insights. Voegtli believes that the keto diet can be both challenging and rewarding, and he intends to provide valuable advice and support to help members succeed on this unique meal plan.

Adam Voegtli's own weight loss journey, where he successfully shed 40 pounds through the keto diet, has inspired many. His dedication to this lifestyle has resulted in a series of informative and inspirational books. Additionally, Voegtli has revealed that he is currently working on his next book, further solidifying his commitment to promoting keto awareness.

Anyone interested in joining the "Keto Kings and Queens" Facebook group can visit the following link:

Voegtli encourages everyone with an interest in keto to become part of this supportive community, stating, "If you could help, give advice, or are seeking advice, please join our group. You are more than welcome here."

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About Adam Voegtli:

Adam Voegtli is a respected author and advocate for the ketogenic diet. Through his personal journey, where he lost 40 pounds, he has become a passionate advocate for the many benefits of the keto lifestyle. Adam has authored multiple books to share his knowledge and experiences, and he continues to inspire and educate others about the transformative potential of the ketogenic diet.

Adam Voegtli's books can be found on Amazon.

Adam Voegtli
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