The 9th CC-Forum Moved to the Frontline - from Solemn Declarations to Concrete Investment in Sustainable Development

Attendees at the Climate Change Forum Included Gustavo Montero, Event Chair-Carter Capital, HRH Queen Diambi- Congo, Naomi Campbell -Philanthropist, Michelle Chivunga and Yana Leonova among them

The Regal Habtoor Palace, Site of the 9th Climate Change Forum ,

CC Forum’s former guests have included HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, Ban Ki Moon, Dame Jane Goodall, Gunter Pauli and Julian Lennon among them

Climate Change Forum & COP28 in Dubai represented 200 countries with 84,000 registrants further galvanizing the importance of climate change referendums.

We support in deeds, not just words, every step of the journey in the race to a sustainable future. With investment we are committed to toss out a life-line before we arrive at a finish line."”
— Max Studennikoff, Founder CC Forum
THE CITY OF DUBAI, DUBAI , UNITED ARAB EMERITUS , December 19, 2023 / -- “Scheduling the 9th Edition of the Climate Change Forum to coincide with the 28th Conference of Parties, COP 28 in Dubai UAE, was genius on the part of CC-Forum’s Founder – Director, Max Studennikoff,” states Holmes Stoner, of the Green Alliance International.

Hosted at the regal, Belle Epoch inspired Habtoor Palace, December 6th and 7th, guests and participants of the CC-Forum numbered in the hundreds. In contrast with COP’s 84,000 registrants, CC Forum comprises a manageable group of top-tier investors engaging directly with sustainable ventures. Start-ups, eco-innovators, scientists and thought leaders are enabled to take a seat at the table with decision makers. Participants comprise family offices, members of royal families, private equity managers and venture capitalists. Program highlights include ground breaking panels, a wellspring of workshops, pitch meetings complemented by a Black-Tie gala, classical performances and ample time for rich networking and in-person, relationship building. New to the CC-Forum was a retrospective of award-winning short films and documentaries.

The first COP in 1995 Berlin was a low-key affair with fewer than 4000 delegates. During the COP 'Paris Accord' in 2015 and at CC-Forum's inception in 2017, a hand full of countries had net zero goals. Three short decades later there is a global groundswell with 100,000 guests remaining true to the original mandates on multilateral climate change cooperation, social justice initiatives and environmental preservation. In 2023, putting a stop to greenhouse gas emissions, ending obscene waste and the willful destruction of our one and only planet has become a universal movement.

SIM’s (Social Impact Movements) United Nation’s goals are not for the faint of heart. One entity can tell a country or its citizens what to do or the 'Age of Fossil Fuel' cannot be terminated by fiat. Humans may not placate the winds or dim the noon day sun as nature will have its way. What is certain, to paraphrase the sage words of former (and much maligned) USA Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, it will take a global village to mitigate a post-apocalyptic dystopia. With the two global powerhouses led by Joe Biden in the USA and his counterpart Xi Jinping in the PRC making bold statements of intent to triple renewable energy generating capacity by 2030 bodes well for all the world’s inhabitants.

CC Forum Dubai, was supported by a pool of dedicated partners aligned with its mission and ethos including Honeylight, Nexus, Silva Terra, DevvStream, Grace Generation Group, Aya, Global Network of Doctors & Nurses, POP (Protect our Planet) Foundation and Gurung Family Conglomerate.

“We came to Dubai for COP28 and found CC-Forum to be the most productive event of all the ones we attended”, says Sunny Trinh, Founder and CEO of DevvStream. Lambert Liesenberg, Founder and CEO of Silva Terra chimed in “For more than 20 years we have been engaged in reforestation and agriculture projects across Latin America and Africa with both an ecological and economical perspective. Now the time has come to scale up these projects with the involvement of institutional investors to make a bigger impact for our planet”.

"The Climate Change Forum calls on its participants, governments, captains of eco-industries and sole proprietor businesses to immediately translate pledges into tangible actions," states Fiona Banister, Climate Impact Strategist of the NGO, Decarbonized. “We at Aya are not just a launchpad”, says Prakash Somosundram, Founder of Aya, “We are a bridge, connecting investors to global opportunities in green projects around the globe. It’s a commitment to the Planet”.

The crucial role of ordinary people and commercial interests in driving climate and planetary preservation has and continues to be the central theme and mandate of the bi-annual Climate Change/CC Forum’s. Confirms Dr Ash Pachauri: "The POP Movement is grateful to join hands with the CC-Forum to bring global leaders and stakeholders together with young people from around the world to join efforts to Protect Our Planet. The 9th CC-Forum serves as one more step forward."

The CC-Forum joins the 190 COP delegation's adherence to the United Nations framework on Climate Change. ”As we advance policies in place and ratchet up with widespread, cheaper renewable energy, access to universal health care, increase availability of affordable, eco-friendly housing and food, engender respect for social diversity, increase universal access to education are goals within reach,” insists Sveta and Ben Banergee, of Impact Investing Solutions.

“The secret sauce is found in empathy and equity, not greed,” says COP28 panelist Allwyn H. Stephen, Director of AHS Consulting. “When one stops to think about it; landfills, oceans of single-use plastic, barges of garbage are an aberration. It is only human beings that have the capability to produce waste,” opines Syed Naved Husain, of SNH Global and Agernomics. Syed has transformed the lives of millions of Bangladesh citizens with the creation of recycled products and textiles within his eco-conscious industrial parks.

Rousing performances by ultra - soprano Emily Thorner, Saudi poet Saleh Alamri, prodigy violinist Richard Kollert and the Middle East Metropolitan Orchestra was complemented by philanthropist Naomi Campbell and Hon. Doris Uzoka-Anite, Minister of Nigeria, representing Industry, Trade and Investment for Nigerian President, Bola Tinubu.

“We support in deeds, not just words, every step of the journey in the race to a sustainable future,” states Studennikoff, an uber impresario, committed father and husband. Of note, Max was in an almost fatal accident the day of CC-Forum's commencement. With tenacity, inimitable skill and a dose of extra-strength aspirin he orchestrated the proceedings from the South of France which were nothing short of perfection.

UN Climate Change Exec. Secretary, Simon Stiell lamented the lack of a clear signal to end the fossil fuel era. While, “a complete turn of the page was not achieved, the outcome marks "the beginning of the end" for fossil fuel pollution. Max concurs, “With renewable energy targets tripled, combined with advances in reforestation, reduction of waste and CC-Forum’s mandate to underwrite and finance these initiatives, we are committed to toss out a life-line before we arrive at a finish line."

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Climate Change Forum was founded in the Principality of Monaco, received the royal blessing of the late Majesty the Queen & the 2nd time to take place in Dubai