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Vanguard Attorneys Unveils Insights from Comprehensive 5-Year Study on Traffic Crashes in Hillsborough County, Florida.

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Our study goes beyond statistics; it provides a roadmap for action. By understanding the dynamics of crashes, we are better equipped to work collaboratively for the safety of our community.”
— Karina Perez Ilić , Managing Attorney, Vanguard Attorneys
TAMPA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, December 13, 2023 / -- Vanguard Attorneys, a leading Personal Injury law firm in Tampa specializing in car accidents, announces the findings of a comprehensive study analyzing five years of crash report data in Hillsborough County. The study not only brings attention to key trends but also delves into the nuanced impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on local traffic dynamics, encompassing data from before, during, and after the global health crisis. "Our study goes beyond statistics; it provides a roadmap for action. By understanding the dynamics of crashes and the influence of COVID-19, we are better equipped to work collaboratively for the safety of our community." -Karina Perez Ilić , Managing Attorney Vanguard Attorneys.

Access to the Full Study:
For those seeking a deeper understanding of the findings, the full study, including yearly data from 2018-2022 on various key metrics such as Total Crashes, Fatal Crashes, Fatalities from All Crashes, Injury Crashes, Total Injuries from All Crashes, Bicycle Crashes, Bicycle Fatalities, Motorcycle Crashes, Motorcycle Fatalities, Pedestrian Crashes, Pedestrian Fatalities, Hit and Run Crashes, Hit and Run Fatalities, and Hit and Run Injuries, is available on the Vanguard Attorneys website. The study also includes infographics approved for distribution.

Key Findings:
1. Fluctuations in Total Crashes: While there was a notable consistency in the total number of crashes over the years, the data revealed subtle fluctuations, indicating potential factors influencing overall road safety.

2. Rise in Fatal Crashes and Casualties: There was a concerning increase in fatal crashes from 2018 to 2021, with a subsequent decrease in 2022. The study identifies the need for targeted interventions to address this concerning trend.

3. Dynamics of Injury Crashes: The study showcased a decrease in injury crashes from 2018 to 2020, followed by a slight increase in 2021 and a subsequent decrease in 2022. Understanding these patterns can aid in formulating strategies for injury prevention.

4. Focus on Vulnerable Road Users: Noteworthy findings include a consistent rise in motorcycle crashes and fatalities. Pedestrian crashes and fatalities also increased up to 2021, urging for targeted safety measures for these vulnerable road users.

5. Hit and Run Incidents on the Rise: Alarmingly, hit and run incidents, including fatalities and injuries, displayed a consistent upward trajectory. The study emphasizes the urgency of addressing this issue through enhanced law enforcement and public awareness.

Building upon these findings, Vanguard Attorneys recommends:

1. Targeted Educational Campaigns: Launching educational initiatives focusing on specific issues identified in the data, such as the dangers of hit and run incidents and safe practices for vulnerable road users.

2. Enhanced Law Enforcement Presence: Collaborating with law enforcement to increase patrols in areas with a history of crashes, especially fatal incidents.

3. Infrastructure Enhancements: Advocating for targeted infrastructure improvements in areas with higher crash rates, including better signage and lighting, separated bike lanes, pedestrian overpasses, and more.

4. Community Engagement: Encouraging community engagement to identify and address safety concerns, fostering a collective commitment to safer roads. When community members notice missing stop signs or other hazards it is important they know how to report the issue so it is rectified before a crash occurs.

Continuous Monitoring and Updates:
The data presented in this study spans the period before, during, and after the COVID-19 pandemic. Vanguard Attorneys is committed to providing ongoing insights and will update the study as the preliminary data for 2023 becomes available, ensuring that the community remains informed and empowered to address evolving road safety challenges.

Access the Full Study at

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