Quest Commonwealth Unveils Comprehensive Video E-Book Series: "7 Building Blocks to a Safe Money Mindset"

Quest Commonwealth

Quest Commonwealth

Unveiling Quest Commonwealth's Comprehensive Guide to Financial Well-Being and Future Planning

I crafted this series to demystify finance, stripping away jargon for easy understanding, paving a clear path to retirement success.”
— Jeff Perry - Co-Owner of Quest Commonwealth / Author of Safe Money Mindset

BINGHAM FARMS, MI, USA, December 7, 2023 / --
Quest Commonwealth, a renowned holistic investment and retirement planning firm, is excited to announce the release of their transformative video e-book series, "7 Building Blocks to a Safe Money Mindset." This series is an educational tour de force, designed to guide viewers through various crucial aspects of financial well-being and retirement planning.

Understanding Risk Tolerance: The first video lays the foundation by exploring the differences between risk tolerance and risk capacity, underscoring the importance of aligning investment choices with personal financial goals.

Phased Financial Planning: The second video introduces viewers to the three phases of financial planning: Accumulation, Preservation, and Distribution, highlighting the necessity of adapting strategies to each phase.

Mastering the Art of Tax Efficiency: The third installment emphasizes the critical role of tax planning in retirement, advising on how to manage tax-deferred accounts and minimize tax burdens.

The Double-Edged Sword of Dollar Cost Averaging: Video four explores the benefits and potential pitfalls of Dollar Cost Averaging, particularly its impact during the Distribution Phase of retirement.

The Silent Sabotage: Inflation's Impact on Retirement: The fifth video addresses the often-overlooked aspect of inflation, discussing strategies to preserve purchasing power and balance investment risk.

Navigating the 3 Worlds of Money: The sixth video presents a strategy for diversifying investments across the Potential, Protection, and Hybrid worlds, aiming for a balance of safety, growth, and liquidity.

Preserving Your Legacy: Why Estate Planning is a Must: The final video emphasizes the importance of estate planning, covering wills, trusts, and essential legal documents to protect and pass on assets.

Each video in the series is a standalone guide yet collectively forms a comprehensive blueprint for achieving a safe money mindset. Whether viewers are nearing retirement or are already retired, these videos offer invaluable insights into making informed financial decisions.

Expanding the Safe Money Mindset Initiative
The "7 Building Blocks to a Safe Money Mindset" video series is part of a larger educational project by Quest Commonwealth. This endeavor includes the upcoming release of a new book and the launch of a local broadcast TV show on a major network, both titled "Safe Money Mindset." These platforms will further enrich the financial knowledge and empower viewers and readers with essential tools for financial success.

About Quest Commonwealth
Quest Commonwealth is dedicated to providing holistic investment and retirement solutions. Their commitment to educating and empowering clients is evident in this series, which reflects their deep understanding of the complexities of financial planning. Their multifaceted approach to financial literacy makes them a pioneer in the field, setting a high standard in financial planning and investment advice.

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