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ClearML Releases New Calculator to Understand Hidden Costs of Gen AI Initiatives

ClearML has released a new TCO Calculator to Understand Hidden Costs of Gen AI Initiatives

Use ClearML’s new TCO Calculator to understand the various cost drivers of bringing in and implementing an LLM within your organization

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 6, 2023 / -- ClearML, the leading open source, end-to-end solution for unleashing AI in the enterprise, today announced it has published a new tool to help companies estimate the total cost of ownership (TCO) of their Large Language Models (LLMs). Companies can now use ClearML’s new TCO Calculator to understand the various cost drivers and hidden expenses of bringing in and implementing an LLM within their organization.

ClearML’s recent survey of Fortune 1000 C-level and AI leadership shows that a shockingly low 8% of respondents are thinking about running costs, which the company expects will be an unwelcome surprise given its pivotal impact on TCO. With our new TCO Calculator, you can see how costs scale between building models with your own team (in-house) versus using a LLM API such as Azure GPT-4 (AI as a Service).

Our TCO calculator takes into account a multitude of cost drivers and factors, including your use case, the size of your company, compute provider, the number of end users for the model, your data corpus type and volume, and which LLM API you are considering. From those, we’ll estimate the cost of preparing your data, the human capital required and its cost, and the amount of compute or tokens needed. To calculate a Year 1 total cost of ownership for starting a Gen AI project, visitors simply enter the details of their organization’s potential use case with numerical values or choose from the calculator’s dropdown menus.

“Understanding the total cost of ownership will help enterprises make smarter, more strategic decisions about how to use their Gen AI budget, especially as the number of users and use cases increase,” said Moses Guttmann, Co-founder and CEO of ClearML. “In addition, it can help inform strategy for scaling Gen AI within the enterprise as well as illuminate places to look for economies of scale that impact running and variable costs.”

Next Steps:

-- Use our calculator now to get a handle on just how much your LLM(s) are expected to cost:

-- Watch our expert panel discuss the hidden costs and unforeseen “gotchas” that can unravel the expected ROI and TCO related to the different ways to adopt GenAI and LLMs in your organization – while comparing the pros and cons of AI-as-a-Service, such as building your own or using low-code, secure Generative AI platforms. Watch now at

-- Get key insights into critical cost considerations, investment benchmarks, primary use cases, and pricing metrics from our new global research report with the AI Infrastructure Alliance (AIIA). The survey report, “The Hidden Costs, Challenges, and TCO of Gen AI Adoption in the Enterprise: Revealing the Profound Gap Between Hyper-inflated Expectations and Business Reality,” paints a comprehensive picture of the major unknown factors. Download now at

-- Need a secure, enterprise-ready Generative AI platform that transcends ChatGPT challenges? Request a demo of ClearGPT (, the only secure enterprise-grade platform offering state-of-the-art LLMs tailored to your data and running securely on your network to power Enterprise AI transformation. Brought to you by ClearML.

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