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Navigating the Web Unblocking Landscape: Proxyway Releases a Comprehensive Analysis on Proxy APIs

The free report benchmarks popular proxy APIs tested on major US-based websites that are protected by strong anti-bot systems.

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, December 6, 2023 / -- Proxyway, a leading researcher and reviewer of proxies and web scraping infrastructure, has released research on proxy APIs, otherwise called web unblockers. The publicly available report comes with performance benchmarks of major data collection companies, their features, as well as pricing approaches.

Proxy APIs are a new type of service dedicated to unblocking challenging websites when gathering publicly available data. According to research by Imperva, up to 30 percent of web traffic comes from malicious bots. As a result, websites are applying more rigorous measures each year to fight against illegal automation, which also affects good web scraping practices.

Looking into web scraping trends, traditional automatic data collection tools are not always enough. A proxy API augments proxy servers with web scraper capabilities. It takes care of CAPTCHAs and other bot protection systems by selecting the right proxy type and applying other parameters needed to hide the online identity.

The novelty of such services requires comprehensive testing and analysis to see whether the new technology is worth the hype and whether the marketed performance numbers are real. In response to this, Proxyway combined its years of experience testing similar tools, and looked at the five major companies that offer such products.

The Main Highlights of the Research

Proxyway targeted seven US-based websites – Amazon, Google, Walmart, and others – that were protected by various anti-bot systems. The tests were conducted throughout a week and each target received around 1,800 requests using one proxy API.

The research includes evaluation graphs that compare five major providers like Smartproxy, Oxylabs, and Bright Data, side by side. It also provides a detailed analysis of their features, how users can interact with the APIs, and what functionalities are off limits.

In addition, Proxyway investigated the different pricing models among providers. It includes a manual analysis focusing on which format a company uses, what modifiers affect the cost, and the maximum price difference for a clearer overview of the whole pricing system.

The in-depth look into popular proxy APIs (web unblockers) is publicly available on Proxyway’s website. To access it, visit

About Proxyway

Throughout the years, Proxyway has presented numerous research-based overviews of the major proxy and web scraping companies. Its annual Proxy Market Research is still the only publicly available report of such scope.

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