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NC Wallet: zero-fee crypto wallet supporting Litecoin

The crypto wallet has added new tokens to the list of the supported currencies.

HONG KONG, December 6, 2023 / -- Litecoin (LTC) has joined the list of blockchains NC Wallet works with. This means wallet’s users can securely store, receive, exchange, and withdraw LTC alongside other cryptocurrencies — as usual, with no commissions and no withdrawal limit.

Litecoin, often referred to as the "silver" to Bitcoin's "gold”, is renowned for its fast transaction speeds and low network fees, making it a popular choice for users looking to make quick and cost-effective transactions. LTC owners, who currently pay $0.005 for transactions, can choose NC Wallet and spend $0 — the wallet will cover this cost and add no extra fees. It is also worth trying LTC for those who made purchases with Bitcoin, but are now thinking of alternatives to make high-speed transactions.

To recap, here’re more reasons to try LTC in NC Wallet:
1. Faster Transactions: Litecoin transactions are approximately 4 times quicker compared to Bitcoin.
2. No Transaction Fees: NC Wallet customers can use Litecoin with no exchange and withdrawal fees (even minor ones).
3. Wide Acceptance: All-size companies, including Starbucks, Google Cloud and more, accept LTC as a payment option.

With NC Wallet’s robust security and convenience, users can engage Litecoin in daily-basis purchases and transactions with greater ease and flexibility.

About NC Wallet
NC Wallet, by Zafiro International Ltd, is the first cryptocurrency wallet allowing clients to make crypto transactions without paying extra fees.

NC Wallet offers several ways to manage crypto safely and easily, including:
- Signing transactions instantly with biometrics;
- Setting daily limits for different crypto currencies.
- Allowing access to the wallet only from trusted IPs, and blocking any unwanted attempts.

Whether it is used on mobile and web apps or even via an extension, there is always a secure guarantee the funds are safe while swapping, withdrawing or switching among networks.

To learn more and experiment with LTC on NC Wallet, download the app:
On Google Play
On App Store

Elena Iachimciuc
Zafiro International