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2022 Year in Review: Climate-driven Global Renewable Energy Potential Resources and Energy Demand

This joint IRENA-WMO report explores intricate links between renewable energy resources, and weather and climate conditions, highlighting how climate variability affects renewable resource potential. By offering a nuanced understanding of climate impacts on wind, solar and hydropower capacities, the report reveals noticeable changes in selected energy indicators that vary both by technology and country, marking the initial step towards a more rigorous evaluation of the interplay between climate and renewable energy supply and demand.

The report extends an open invitation to policymakers, scientists and stakeholders: to acknowledge and address the nuanced synergy between meteorology and renewable energy. By underscoring the significance of climate variability across the spectrum of renewable energy operations, management, planning and investment, the report encourages stakeholders to actively contribute to a sustainable and resilient energy future. Navigating the dynamic landscape of climate-aware renewable solutions, the WMO-IRENA 2022 Year in Review represents a pivotal guide to informed decision-making for a resilient energy future.