“Prepping Survival Guide and Deadly Precise Bushcraft Skills” Arms Readers with Tips to Prepare for the Unknown

The new book by David Savage offers firsthand advice informed by the author's nearly two decades of off-grid living

ABILENE, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, November 30, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- As the planet continues to be afflicted by war, violence, pandemics, and natural and manmade disasters, it’s more important than ever for people to have contingency plans for the unexpected. With the release of his book “Prepping Survival Guide and Deadly Precise Bushcraft Skills: A Crisis Preparedness System for Water and Food Stockpiling, Self-Sufficient Gardening, Electricity," author David Savage offers practical advice to help people prepare for the worst and protect themselves and their families in the face of uncertainty.

When it comes to prepping for the unknown, knowing where to start can be overwhelming. Savage’s book aims to alleviate that overwhelm with a focused guide that walks readers through the most important aspects of prepping, self-sufficiency, and off-grid living. Topics addressed in the guide include:

● Essential survival skills for making it when the unexpected happens;
● How to grow foods with effective homesteading/gardening;
● How to survive off the grid, including dealing with a lack of electric power supply;
● What to do in the event of natural disasters to stay safe;
● How to train family and loved ones to work as a survival unit in extreme circumstances;
● How to build a temporary emergency shelter from easily accessible materials;
● How to live and work effectively entirely off the grid;
● And much more.

“When I began my journey to living a more self-sufficient life nearly 20 years ago, I was overwhelmed and didn't know where to start," said Savage. "It took me years of trial, error, and research to discover the most essential elements of prepping and what works and what doesn't. My goal is to simplify the prepping and off-gride lifestyle for the masses so more people feel comfortable choosing this lifestyle to protect themselves and their families.”

Much of Savage's advice comes from firsthand experience and years of research. For nearly two decades, Savage has lived an off-grid lifestyle. The 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami spurred his decision to lead a more self-sufficient lifestyle. Realizing that disaster could strike at any time, he wanted to ensure that he and his family could survive if access to municipal services like food, water, and electricity were disrupted.

His quest for self-sufficiency led him to develop valuable off-grid living skills, including hunting, homesteading, gardening, water detoxification, coping with electric power disruptions, carpentry, and self-defense. He shares his advice on these topics in “Prepping Survival Guide and Deadly Precise Bushcraft Skills” to empower others to take control of their lives.

“One of the most valuable things I’ve gained from living off-grid is a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment,” said Savage. “I feel in control of my destiny and that I have total control of my life. I hope others feel this same sense of empowerment through reading my guide and putting the tips into action."

“Prepping Survival Guide and Deadly Precise Bushcraft Skills: A Crisis Preparedness System for Water and Food Stockpiling, Self-Sufficient Gardening, Electricity,” is available for purchase in Kindle or paperback forms on Amazon.

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