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PenCraft Book Award Announcement for Runner-Up Fiction, Children, Young Adult and Romance Genres 2023 Winning books

2023 PenCraft Book Awards' Runner-Up Winning Books

2023 PenCraft Book Awards' Runner-Up Winning Books

PenCraft Book Award 7th Annual Competition Ticket

PenCraft Book Award's 7th Annual Competition Ticket.

Winner Seal for Runner-Up

Winner Seal for Runner-Up

The 2023 7th Annual PenCraft Book Awards for Literary Excellence proudly announces its Runner-Up (Fiction, Romance, Children, and Young Adult award winners.

The PenCraft Book Awards give recognition and honor to these remarkable books crafted by our talented authors. The Award can be a game-changer for an author, increasing visibility, and credibility.”
— David Hearne
HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, November 29, 2023 / -- PenCraft Book Awards proudly announces its Fiction, Children, Young Adult, and Romance Genres book award winners for the 2023 7th Annual PenCraft Book Award Competition. Despite the chaos and tragedy that plague our world, our winning authors have crafted captivating tales that provide respite from it and instead transport you to incredible worlds, adventures, mysteries, romances, and more. We are honored to present their award-winning stories to the world. The Awards give recognition of the outstanding literary talents of established and emerging writers, illustrators, poets, and historians. The winners were chosen from a pool of 1120 book submissions by an independent panel of judges.

The PenCraft Book Awards is an impartial, authoritative, and enduring honor for writers. Our purpose is to shine a spotlight on these talented individuals and provide a platform for their works to be discovered by book lovers everywhere. In the past seven years, we have made great strides towards achieving this goal, curating a "must-read" book list from our winning authors.

“Supporting our talented authors is our top priority. That's why we launched the PenCraft Book Awards almost a decade ago,” stated editor-in-chief David Hearne. “These awards give recognition and honor to these remarkable books crafted by our talented authors.”

Our 2023 PenCraft Book Award Fiction, Children, Young Adult, and Romance Winners are:
Fiction Genres:
Adventure Into the River of Angels BY George Wolfe
Last Star Standing BY Alice McVeigh
Cultural Mud Crab Kingdom BY Joel Hamilton
Name I Choose BY Holly Brough
Root of All Evil Deluxe BY Ayura Ayira
Visiting My Great-Grandparents BY Yecenia E Mariscal Tinajero
Drama Man Alone BY Jack Remick
The World is Full of Champions BY Julie Sullivan
Fantasy Coup de Grace BY Paul Centeno
Greedy as a Ghoul BY Casey Sutton
The Last Spiritwalker BY Liv Strom
General Secrets In The Mirror BY Leslie Kain
Historical Brothers Of War, The Iron Brigade At Gettysburg BY Michael Eisenhut
Of White Ashes BY Constance & Kent Matsumoto
Where the Lilacs Bloom Once Again: Friddie's story BY Roni Rosenthal
Horror The Windy City Terror BY Miguel Angel Hernandez Jr.
Humor Villa Leila BY Adam Herman
Intrigue Creatures BY Gerald de Vere
EPIC: THE GAME BY Jack Kaminskie
Mystery - General Black and Blue BY Frank Weber
Mystery - Sleuth Killer in the Kitchen BY Judy L Murray
Naked Came the Detective BY Glendall Jackson
Schrodinger's Gold BY Emory Moon
Paranormal Into the Attic BY Ellen Sherman
Realistic The Other Shoes of Larry Martin: Book Two: On Becoming Laurie Roberts (Larry Martin Novel Series) BY Pavane Ravel
Science Fiction Siphon BY Jason Fox
Southern Psychedelic Hibiscus BY Pete Cradle
Supernatural Dying to Live BY Barbara Reyelts
The Harpsichordist BY Celeste Plowden
Suspense Echo from a Bayou BY J. Luke Bennecke
The Body Auction BY Lisa Mathis
Thriller - General Dark Eyes BY Nina Romano
Slip BY Michael Pogach
Tumble & Fall BY Amy Rivers
Women Glory Unbound BY Deborah King
Nine Days BY Judy Lannon
Graphic Novel/Comic Hashman BY Alexander Grand
Romance Genres:
Contemporary Hey Jude BY Kathleen Stone
Fantasy/Sci-Fi Extension BY Melody Kepler
One Time or Another BY Ellen Ricciutti
Historical The Bitter End:A Love Story BY Elise Lapham
Suspense Raptor's Revenge BY Jim Malloy
Young Adult Genres:
Coming of Age May I Have Your Attention Please BY Debby Meltzer Quick
Fantasy/Sci-Fi Daughter of the Sun BY Amanda Auler
The Paradise Planets BY Shaun Barrowes
War of the Sea BY Dana Claire
General BURNING BRIGHT BY Michele Kwasniewski
TAILS BY Michael Curran
Children’s Genres:
4th-6th Stan and Allen: A Book About Gender BY Huxley Bunn
Animals Books Napoleon: No Ordinary Donkey BY April Lopez
Christian Books Lillian's Christmas Dream BY VERA RICHARD HARRIS
Concept I Think My Sister is a Superhero BY Audrey Eichelberger
The ABCs of Compassion BY Carla Koala
Dealing With Emotions Into the Wind BY William Loizeaux
What I See is Love BY Gabriella Fiorletta
Fantasy & Magic Huckleberry Academy, The School of Imagination BY Joshua Willis
The Magical Shell BY Endeah Canty
K-3rd - Fable Monster? BY Kathy Cooke
K-3rd - General Do Your Best, Tess! BY Janet Morris Grimes
Hello, Can I Bug You? BY Sherry Roberts
I Like Mud BY Margaret Grote
Literature Voices of Diversity BY Vanessa Caraveo
Mystery & Wonders Where it’s Always Spooky Season BY Scott Donnelly
Nature Books Livy Little Honey Bee BY Celia Straus
Preschool Stanley & the Candy Cane Wormhole BY Chris Harden Preteen
Facing the Beast Within BY Mark Cheverton

Editor-in-Chief David Hearne stated, “Literature lies at the core of our comprehension of our role in the world, and it gives me immense joy to recognize the remarkable intellects, writers, and illustrators who have made exceptional contributions in the literary world. We hope that our endorsement of their creative endeavors will inspire them to persist in their work. “

The journey to literary success is arduous and very solitary. However, winning a book award can be a game-changer, increasing visibility, credibility, and setting authors apart from the crowd. The win, not only helps to expand an author's audience, but also instills confidence in buyers who choose a book adorned with the gold PenCraft Book Award Seal.

[Click on this link to view all of the PenCraft Book Award Winners]

The PenCraft Book Award competition is an annual literary contest that gives all authors an equal opportunity for recognition of their works to the reading public. Its goal is to make the competition inspiring, fun, and open to all authors. The PenCraft Book Awards receive hundreds of nominated books, but only a small percentage win. Editor-in-Chief David Hearne stated, "We think our winners are truly the best. We hope to continue being a conduit to introducing new authors and their fantastic new books to the reading public."

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