AI Adoption in the Workplace Soars: GoodFirms Survey Finds Nearly 86% Of Workers Are Now Using AI Applications



100% of all AI users reported the technology has improved the quality of their work.

84.7% of AI users leverage AI tools' everyday' or a 'few times a week.'”
— GoodFirms
WASHINGTON, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, November 24, 2023 / -- GoodFirms, a universally renowned B2B ratings and reviews platform, recently released its new research report-"86.5% of Employees Use AI in the Workplace: Learn how ChatGPT and Other AI Tools Are in Use." The survey aims to build a comprehensive understanding of AI's impact on the contemporary workplace.

According to GoodFirms research, 86.7% of respondents utilize AI tools for work-related tasks at work, whereas 13.3% are not in favor of using AI at work. The survey was able to gather data on the current preference of AI tools where 76.3% of employees indicated to be using ChatGPT, making it the most popular AI Tool, 7.5% use Google Bard, and 16.3% use other tools.

Regarding the frequency of the usage of AI tools at the workplace, 46.2% indicated using AI tools a few times a week, 38.5% use them every day, and 12.3% use them a few times a month. About the benefits, 100% of surveyed AI users unanimously agreed that AI tools have improved their work quality, 51.6% have experienced significant improvements, and 48.4% noticed minor enhancements.

Upon surveying on the utilization of AI tools by different departments, GoodFirms research was able to gather valuable inputs. “Marketers, more than 67% believe that AI tools are very effective for enhancing marketing tasks, about 52% of respondents feel effective in content production, 53% of software developers think AI tools are effective while handling software development tasks, and 58% felt most effective in customer support.” - GoodFirms Survey

Interestingly, the survey helped identify that still 38.3% of employers don't allow employees to use AI at work for various reasons.

GoodFirms also attempted to understand user opinion and their sentiments towards the future of ChatGPT in the workplace, where around 63% said they want their employer to pay for ChatGPT, about 67% expressed their lack of trust around data security and privacy, whereas 81.5% said they are not comfortable with their manager knowing about their usage of AI.

GoodFirms concludes that ChatGPT has ushered in a new paradigm of productivity that is likely to transform how we work and what is expected of us. The widespread consensus remained that AI will augment and improve human potential and bring the best out of our employees, creating an efficient, empowering future instead of outright replacing it.

Key Findings:

--Around 52.94% of the respondents surveyed reported using AI tools for generating Social Media Content, making it AI's most popular use-case within Marketing Departments.
--44.11% of respondents use AI for planning and strategizing.
--29.41% of those surveyed use AI tools to improve their Marketing ROI.
--69.23% of participants use AI tools to help out with Content ideation.
--A staggering 76.92% of respondents reported using AI tools for conducting content research.
--And a mere 15.38% of respondents said they used AI for proofreading and editing their content.
--58% of respondents use AI Tools for drafting response queries, use case within customer support
--Around 72% of the developers surveyed stated that they use some form of AI suggestions (from tools like Github Copilot) to speed up their development workflow.

About Research:

GoodFirms Survey- "86.5% of Employees Use AI in the Workplace: Learn how ChatGPT and Other AI Tools Are in Use" queried 70 companies to identify broad patterns, trends, and broad overview of AI being leveraged across various professional domains, especially in key areas like Marketing, Content Creation, Software development and Customer Support.

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