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Dispute AI® Announces Impressive Results Achieved by its DIY Artificial Intelligence Software

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Dispute AI® goes into great detail to release Q4 statistics on how well their DIY Credit Repair Software has performed for its users over the past year.

We firmly believe that numbers don't lie, and neither do ours.”
— Maurice A. Shabazz
STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 24, 2023 / -- Dispute AI®, the leading artificial intelligence software for personal credit repair, is thrilled to announce its Dispute Statistics release, highlighting the outstanding outcomes achieved by its innovative platform. These statistics provide compelling evidence of Dispute AI®'s effectiveness in assisting consumers with credit repair and score improvement.

Developed by Credknowledgy Inc., Dispute AI® is revolutionizing the credit repair industry with its state-of-the-art artificial intelligence software. Unlike traditional methods that require manual effort and expertise, Dispute AI® takes the burden off consumers by automatically challenging negative items on their credit reports. The software's advanced algorithms meticulously analyze credit data and devise personalized strategies to address derogatory items, significantly improving credit scores.

"We firmly believe that numbers don't lie, and neither do ours," states Maurice A. Shabazz, founder of Dispute AI®. "With our recent Dispute Statistics, we aim to showcase the incredible impact our software has made on countless consumers' credit profiles and serve as a testament to Dispute AI®'s effectiveness.”

According to the company, the data reveals an impressive success rate in challenging negative items, resulting in improved credit scores for thousands of consumers. Some of the most impressive average score increases and data include:

29% of all accounts repaired and deleted from collections (Equifax: 1st round)
42% of all accounts repaired and deleted from collections (Experian: 1st Round)
41% of all accounts repaired and deleted from collections (TransUnion: 1st Round)
45.16% resulting in Payment Status Error
61.63% resulting in Charged Off Status Error
62.75% resulting in Late Payments Error
28.41% resulting in Deleted on Other Bureaus
68.69% resulting in Multiple Inquiry Error
And countless more

Based on this data alone, it can be concluded that with Dispute AI®'s innovative solution, individuals can regain control of their financial future and unlock previously out-of-reach opportunities.

For more information on Dispute AI®'s Dispute Statistics or to learn more about the company, please visit its website at

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National Certified Credit Education Instructor and Expert Maurice A. Shabazz founded Credknowledgy Inc. The company assists consumers in increasing their credit knowledge through various easy-to-use tools, including its trademark ScoreTracker, ScoreBuilder, ScoreBoost, and Dispute AI products.

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