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Mesothelioma Options Help Center of Massachusetts - The Steinberg Law Group – Mesothelioma & Asbestos Cancer Lawyers

The Steinberg Law Group has decades of proven experience and the resources to help victims of asbestos exposure and their families obtain the financial compensation they deserve. All of it!

Mesothelioma Options Help Center of Massachusetts - The Steinberg Law Group – Mesothelioma & Asbestos Lung Cancer Lawyers – Call Toll Free at (888) 891-2200

WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS, USA, November 10, 2023 / -- Our Mesothelioma Options Help Center of Massachusetts is dedicated to providing top quality legal and medical assistance to those stricken with mesothelioma or asbestos-related lung cancer. Anyone wishing to discuss their legal and/or medical options should call (888) 891-2200 to speak directly with an attorney from the Steinberg Law Group.

The Steinberg Law Group has decades of experience in handling mesothelioma and other asbestos-related cases. With offices in New York, California and Texas, the Steinberg Law Group has a national footprint that helps win the best possible financial compensation for clients.

Typically, asbestos exposure will have occurred sometime between the 1950s and the 1980s. Some of the most prevalent professions that encountered large quantities of asbestos include power plant workers, maritime workers, industrial workers, plumbers, pipefitters, electricians, mechanics, machinists, miners, railroad workers and construction workers, to name a few. Since the latency period for mesothelioma patients is approximately 40 years, most people diagnosed with mesothelioma or asbestos-related lung cancer in 2023 were exposed decades ago.

Massachusetts ranks in the top half in the United States for asbestos-related deaths due in large part to popular industries such as shipping, manufacturing, mining and textiles. Asbestos was also heavily used in the building of naval vessels, which occurred at shipyards up and down the coast. In addition, many structures built decades ago still contain asbestos and require careful cleaning and removal by professional asbestos abatement teams so not to cause the asbestos to become airborne.

Jobsites and locations with known asbestos exposure in Massachusetts include, but are not limited to, Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant, Amherst College, Hampshire College, Andover High School, Merrimack College, Phillips Andover Academy, Shawsheen Mills, Symmes Hospital, Sturdy Memorial Hospital, Barnstable County Jail, Barnstable Elementary School, Barnstable High School, Barnstable Middle School, Barnstable Maritime Academy, Barnstable Power Plant, Beverly Hospital, Brimball School, Blackstone-Millville Regional School, Back Bay Towers, Bethlehem Hingham Shipyard, Beth Israel Hospital, Boston City Hall, Boston City Hospital, Boston College, Boston Federal Reserve Bank, Boston Harbor Yacht Club, Boston Latin School, Logan International Airport, Boston Music Hall, Boston Symphony Hall, Boston University, Cambridge City Hospital, Harvard University, Milton Hospital, Mattapan State Hospital, Massachusetts State House, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Massachusetts General Hospital, Kneeland Street Powerhouse, J.W. McCormack School, Emmanuel College, East Boston Shipyard, Mystic Power Station, New England Baptist Hospital, Northeastern University, South Boston High School, Suffolk University, Perkins School, Bridgewater State College, Bridgewater State Prison, Brighton High School, Brockton High School, Cardinal Cushing General Hospital, Cardinal Spellman High School, Brookline Hospital, Pine Manor College, Burbank Hospital, Buzzards Bay Prison, Cambridge City Hospital, Middlesex County Courthouse, Mount Auburn Hospital, Radcliffe College, Canton Elementary School, Canton Hospital, Chicopee High School, Our Lady of Elms College, Concord Prison, Concord Reformatory Powerhouse, Emerson Hospital, Craneville School, Leominster Hospital, Mead Paper Mill, Schweitzer Paper Mill, Lawrence General Hospital, Assawansett Elementary School, Lakeville High School, Lakeville Hospital, Lakeville Water Treatment Plant, Dorchester Brass Factory, Cape Cod Community College, Cape Cod Hospital, Hyannis Airport, Hyannis Hospital, Hyannis Middle School, Holyoke Hospital, Holyoke High School, Holyoke Community College, Mount Tom Powerhouse, Greenfield Hospital, Babson School, Gardner High School, Gardner State Hospital, Framingham High School, Foxboro Elementary School, Foxboro High School, Foxboro State Hospital, Fitchburg Junior High School, Fitchburg State Teachers College, Falmouth High School, Falmouth Hospital, Bristol Community College, Everett Powerhouse, Mystic River Powerhouse, Revere Sugar Refinery, Dorchester High School, Deerfield Academy, Dartmouth High School, Dartmouth Middle School, Smith College, American Hide and Leather Company, American Mason Safety Tread Company, Avery Chemical Company, Bigelow Carpet Company, Hamilton Manufacturing Company, Harvard Brewing Company, Lowell University, Lowell Textile School, Lowell General Hospital, Middlesex College, Tufts University, Mansfield Powerhouse, Marlboro Courthouse, Medford High School, Lawrence Memorial Hospital, Middleboro Elementary School, Middleboro High School, Middleboro Junior High School, Archer Rubber Company, Magid Hope Silk Manufacturing Company, Milford Pink Granite Company and Milford Water Company.

Known companies with asbestos exposure in Massachusetts include, but are not limited to, Bancroft Arnold Print Company, Berkshire Cotton Manufacturing Company, Brightwater Paper Company, New England Lime Company, Rudd Company, Amherst Company, Johnson Acoustics, Inc., Raytheon Manufacturing Company, Tyer Rubber Company, Marex Company, Athol Table Manufacturing Company, Diamond Match Company, L.S. Starrett Company, Union Twist Drill Company, American Reinforced Paper Company, Attleboro Chain Company, Attleboro Manufacturing Company, Attleboro Steam and Electric Company, Automatic Machine Product Company, D.E. Makepeace and Company, H.M. Williams and Company, Hebron Manufacturing Company, Marathon Company, Metals and Controls, Inc., Plastimold, Inc., Saart Brothers Company, Sensata Technologies, Inc., Texas Instruments, Inc., American Optical Company, Mitre Corporation, Eastern Refractories, Inc., Manganaro Brothers, Inc., Beverly Gas and Electric Company, R.S. Elliott Plumbing & Heating, United Shoe Machinery Company, Zampell Refractories, Blackstone Manufacturing Company, A.S. Campbell Company, Albert and J. M. Anderson Manufacturing Company, America Net and Twine Company, American Sugar Refining Company, American Woolen Company, Anderson Nichols & Company, Andrew-Myerson Company, Ashton Valve Company, AT & T Telephone Company, B. F. Sturtevant Company, B. F. Keith Theatre Company of Boston, Bateson Construction, Bay State Gas Company, Bay State Street Railway Company, Beacon Steam Laundry Company, Bemis Brother Bag Company, Bethlehem Steel Corporation, Bibber White Company, Block Plant Electric Light Company, Boston & Maine Railroad Company, Boston and Northern Street Railway Company, Boston and Oaxaca Mining Company, Boston and Worcester Street Railway Company, Boston Arena Company, Boston Aurora Zinc Company, Boston Beer Company, Boston Bridge Works, Boston Consolidated Gas Company, Boston Edison Company, Boston Electric Light Company, Boston Elevated Railway Company, Boston Fuel Transportation, Inc., Boston Gas Company, Boston Herald Company, Boston Northern Street Railway Company, Boston Sand & Gravel Company, Bradlee and Chatman Company, Braman, Dow & Company, Cambridge Electric Light Company, Capitol Tire & Rubber Company, Clark Cove Realty Company, Cleghorn Company, Cocheco Manufacturing Company, Cochrane Chemical Company, Cochrane Harper and Company, Columbia Improvement Company, Community Suffolk Produce Company, Concord, Maynard and Hudson Street Railway Company, Continental Construction Company, Craftmen’s Machinery Corporation, Massachusetts Fire Proof Storage Warehouse Company, Massachusetts Electric Company, Mason Regulator Company, Malden Electric Company, Lynn and Boston Railroad Company, Lockwood Greene and Company, L.F.E. Corporation, Jordan Marsh Company, John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company, Jarvis Engineering Company, Jarka Corporation, James F. Shaw and Company, Jaito and Company, J.A. Grant and Company, J. Middleby Company, International Paper Company, Insulation Specialties, Inc., Industrial Improvement Company, Hyde Park Electric Company, Hunt Spiller Manufacturing Corporation, Hollingsworth and Whitney Company, Hern Furlong Company, Henry N. Clark Company, Hancock Inspirator Company, H. C. Burke & Company, Globe House Nail Company, Gillette Safety Razor Company, George H. Wood and Company, General Motors Corporation, Electric Manufacturing Company, Edward F. Byrnes Corporation, Edison Electric Illuminating Company of Boston, Eastern Steam laundry Company, Eastern Cold Storage Company, Doliber-Goodale Company, De Ford and Company, Cycloidal Engineering Company, Curtis Asbestos, Crosby Steam Gauge and Valve Company, New England Branch United States Baking Company, New England Gas and Coke Company, New England Insulation Company, New England Power Company, New England Telephone and Telegraph Company, Newfork, Newhann and Hartford Railroad Company, Newport and Fall River Street Railway Company, North Packing and Provision Company, Ohio Stone and Webster Engineering Corporation, Old Colony Street Railway Company, Ottawa Railway Light and Power Company, Oxford Paper Company, P. S. Thorsen Company, Perrini Corporation, Plymouth County Street Railway Company, Public Service Company, Pump Equipment & Engineering Company, Quincy Market Cold Storage & Warehouse Company, R. A. La Centra Company, R. Marston and Company, Ralph P. Hall, Inc., Royal Metal Company, S. D. Warren and Company, S.A. Currier & Company, Simplex Electrical Company, Smith and Whaley Company, Stanton Electrical Company, Stop & Shop, Inc., Submarine Signal Company, Suburban Gas and Electric Company, Swan Incandescent Electric Light Company, Textron, Inc., Thompson House International Electric Company, Thro Merrill Company, Tileston and Hollingworth Company, Tucker, Anthony and Company, Turner Construction, United Drug Company, United Electric Securities Company, United Fruit Trading Company, United Shoe Machinery Company, W.F. Schraft and Sons Corporation, Walworth Construction and Supply Company, Walworth English Fleet Company, Warehouse 13, Inc., West End Street Railway Company, Westinghouse Electric Company, Abrasive Products, Inc., Armstrong Contracting and Supply (ACandS), Inc., Braintree Light Company, Cities Service Oil Company, John L. Ray Oil Company, Noyes Insulation Company, Old Colony Gas Company, Hufarelli Construction Company, Barbour Welting Company, Brockton Edison Company, Brockton Gas Light Company, Brockton Rand Company, Douglas Shoe Company, F.M. Shaw and Sons, George G. Snow Company, M.A. Packard Company, American Can Company, Badger Corporation, Blake Manufacturing Company, Boston Woven Hose and Rubber Company, Cambridge Electric Light Company, Cambridge Gas & Electric Company, Cambridge Gas Light Company, Chalres P. Blouin, Inc., Cutter Fire Brick Company, Dewey & Almy Chemical Company, James H. Boyle & Sons, Inc., J. P. Squire and Company, Hinnman Asbestos Corporation, Harris Refrigeration Company, Ginn and Company, Edward F. Byrnes Corporation, Eckel’s Corporation, Dillaby Fireproofing Company, Diamond Laundries, Inc., Kendall Boiler Company, Lever Brothers Company, Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, Liquid Carbonic Corporation, Mirant Corporation, National Biscuit Company, New England Confectionery Company, New England Insulation Company, Polaroid Corporation, Pump Equipment & Engineering Company, Simplex Wire & Cable Company, Vappi and Company, Inc., Ivers and Paul Piano Company, Beacon Piping Company, Draper Brothers and Company, Emerson & Curning, Inc., Piping Insulators, Inc., Plymouth Rubber Company, Springdale Finishing Company, Davidson Rubber Company, Seaboard Engineering Company, American Biltrite Rubber Company, Chelsea Gas Light Company, Boston & Northern Street Railway, F.A. Mazzur Company, Forbes Lithograph Manufacturing Company, George D. Emery Company, Metropolitan Coal and Oil Company, Munroe Drydock, Inc., P.J. Riley & Company, Inc., Panther Rubber Company (PANCO), Revere Rubber Company, Samuel Cabot, Inc., Wilson Barnes & Associates, A.G. Spalding & Brothers, Chicopee Manufacturing Company, Dwight Manufacturing Company, Fisk Rubber Company, Fisk Tire Company, Spalding Manufacturing Company, Savage Arms Corporation, Production Pattern & Foundry Company, Industrial Buildings Corporation, Turners Falls Power & Electric Company, U.S. Rubber Company, Uniroyal Tire Company, Western Massachusetts Electric Company, Byron Weston Company, Crane and Company, Crane Paper Company, Amdur Leather Company, Inc., Amdur-Limon Tanning Company, Thiokol Corporation, Sylvania Electric Products, Itek Corporation, Lexington and Boston Street Railway Company, Honeywell, Borden Chemical Company, Smith Paper Company, Western Wire & Steel, A & P Corrugated Box Corporation, American Woolen Company, Brightwood Manufacturing Company, Champion International Corporation, H. P. Hood & Sons, Greater Lawrence Industrial Associates, Inc., John Ventura Company, Lawrence Duck Company, Lawrence Gas Company, Lawnrence Paperboard Company, Merrimac Valley Street Railway Company, Oxford Paper Company, Refuse Fuels, Inc., The Bolts Company, Westvaco Chemical, Fiberloid Corporation, Hodges Carpet Company, Monsanto Chemical Company, Springfield Foundry Company, Becker Brainard Milling Machine Company, Berke Brothers Distilleries, Hyde Park Electric Light Company, American Writing Paper Company, Beebe Holbrooke Company, Brown Paper Company, Chemical Paper Manufacturing Company, Crocker Manufacturing Company, D. Mackintosh & Sons Company, General Electric Company, Keating Wheel Company, Holyoke Water & Power Company, Holyoke Valve & Hydrant Company, Holyoke Street Railway Company, Holyoke Paper Company, Holyoke Gas & Power Company, Hampden Brewing Company, Hadley Company, Parsons Paper Company, Plastic Coating Corporation, Riverside Paper Company, Valley Paper Company, Worthington Pump & Machinery Corporation, Bay State Brick Company, Covanta Energy Corporation, Haverhill Box Board Company, Haverhull Electric Company, Haverhill Gas Light Company, Haverhill Paperboard Corporation, Haverhill Power Company, Mcaree Brothers Construction, Robert Gair Company, Vernon Plastics, Berkshire Gas Company, Greenfield Electric Light Company, Miller Falls Company, United Greenfield Corporation, Essex County Electric Company, Gloucester Electric Company, Cape Ann Anchor & Forge, Conant Ball Company, Gardner Coal & Oil Company, Heywood Wakefield Company, S. Bent and Brothers, Inc., Thayer Furniture Company, Boston Worcester Electric Company, Butler & Ullman, Inc., Dennison Manufacturing Company, Eatle E. Florence Company, Hodgman Rubber Company, R. H. Long Shoe Company, Worcester Gas Light Company, Foxboro Company, Foxboro Control Manufacturing Company, Foxboro Instruments, Crocker Burbank and Company, Cushing Dickenson Realty Company, Fitchburg Gas & Electric Company, Fitchburg Paper Company, Fitchburg Gas & Electric Company, Jennisson Company, Louis De Jonage and Company, Putnam Machine Company, Simmons Saw & Steel Company, Stratton Rotating Engine Company, V. Pelleteiri & Sons, Inc., Weyerhaeuser Company, Acme Neville Company, American Printing Company, Barnaby Manufacturing Company, Doyer Stamring Company, Enterprise Brewing Company, Fall River Electric Light Company, Old Colony Brewing Company, Northern Warehouse Corporation, New England Oil Refining Company, Montaup Electric Company, Luther Manufacturing Company, Gobe Street Railway Company, General Cotton Supply Corporation, Fall River Gas Works Company, Pocasset Manufacturing Company, Richard Borden Manufacturing Company, Sagamore Manufacturing Company, Salvo Machinery Company, Shell Oil Company, Southern Mass Power Company, United Merchants and Manufacturing, Inc., Teston Electric, Boston Consolidated Gas Company, Boston Market Terminal Company, Coleman Company, Esso Standard Oil Company, Humble Oil Refining Company, Koppers Company, Inc., Merrimac Chemical Company, Morehaven Sugar Growers Cooperative, National Coal Tar Company, Petrolite Corporation, Pump Equipment & Engineering Company, Shahmoon Industries, Inc., Standard Oil Company of New Jersey, Easthampton Maintenance Company, Easthampton Rubber Thread Company, United Elastic Corporation, Bird and Son, Inc., Hollingsworth and Vose Company, Boston Woven Hose and Rubber Company, John P. Squire and Company, Massachusetts Oil Refining Company, East Braintree Finishing Company, Charles Romano Company, Sears, Roebuck & Company, General Food Corporation, Lowell Manufacturing Company, Lowell Gas Light Company, Lowell Gas Company, Lowell Electric Light Company, Lowell and Suburban Street Railway Corporation, Lawrence Manufacturing Company, J. E. Curry Company, Inc., J. C. Ayer and Company, Mass Mills Company, Mass Mohair Plush Company, Merrimack Manufacturing Company, Middlesex Equipment Company, Nashuaa Manufacturing Company, Prince Macaroni Company, United States Bunting Company, Wamesit Power Company, Earlsand Shoe Company, Hoague Sprague Corporation, National Folding Box and Paper Company, Barrett Company, Berkshire Frocks, Inc., Boston Rubber Shoe Company, Converse Rubber Shoe Company, John W. Hoff Company, Lawson Machine & Tool Company, Malden & Melrose Gas Light Company, Malden Electric Company, Mystic Valley Gas Company, Atlantic Chemical Company, Hercules Power Company, Inc., Reichhold Chemicals, Inc., S. W. Card Manufacturing Company, Marlborough Electric Company, American Chain Link Fence Company, John E. Cain Company, Medford Supply Company, Wainright Manufacturing Company, Walter J. Ballou Company, Carling Brewing Company, Continental Baking Company, Conway Incinerator Company, Edmund M. Wood and Company, Ward Process, Inc., Thermodynamics Corporation, Acushnet Process Company, Coaters, Inc., Commonwealth Electric Company, Cornell Dubilier Electric Corporation, Darmouth Finishing Corporation, Dartmouth Manufacturing Corporation, Hathaway Manufacturing Company, Hemingway Trucking Company, New Bedford Rayon Company, New Bedford Manufacturing Company, New Bedford and Onset Street Railway Company,Morse Twist Drill and Machine Company, Lambeth Rope Company, John I. Paulding Company, J. C. Rhodes and Company, Howland Mills Corporation, Page Manufacturing Company, Pierce Manufacturing Corporation, Quaker Oats Company, Rotch Spinning Corporation, and William Whitman Company.

Military sites in Massachusetts with known asbestos exposure include, but are not limited to, Boston Naval Shipyard, Charlestown Navy Yard, Bedford Air Force Base, Hanscom Air Force Base, South Boston Naval Drydock, Chelsea Naval Shipyard, Westover Air Force Base, Otis Air Force Base and Nantucket Navy Base.

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