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Diipoo Services Gaining Momentum: A Look at the Journey to 50K Customers

Diipoo Hits Milestone with 50K Otaku Customers, Unveils Favorite Custom Services

HONGKONG, CHINA, November 8, 2023 / -- Let's take a closer look the secret of Diipoo's success: Diipoo, born for otaku, has gained 50,000 users through eight customized services.

I HAVE A DREAM LIMITED is an anime company that has been providing custom services for Otaku. Their main brand is Diipoo, which specializes in customized home decor and computer accessories.

They are highly regarded by artists on Twitter and have already served over 50,000 users. Thousands of artists have used Diipoo's service, and It's even possible to discover genuine product tweets shared by these artists on their product pages.

Diipoo's most popular products include customized body pillows, customized 3D mousepads, customized anime rugs, customized anime figures, customized Nendoroid, customized wall scrolls, customized anime phone cases, and customized gaming mousepads.

Custom Body Pillow

Since the launch of the custom body pillow we offer service in 2019, over a third of users have utilized the Diipoo visual customization tool. With four different fabric options and seven size choices, as well as leg separation pillows and 3D pillows, Diipoo offers over four types of custom body pillows to meet any user's needs.

Recently, Diipoo even released a custom leg separation body pillow that has received attention from many artists. Diipoo plans to release more body pillow products soon.

Custom Anime Rugs

Diipoo anime carpets come in 10 sizes and are easy to clean and machine washable. These rugs are a popular way for fans of anime to show their love for their favorite characters or series while also adding a distinctive flair to their home decor. Personalized custom products are deeply loved by our customers.

Custom Anime Figures

Diipoo offers Mini anime figures, Scale anime figures & Q Posket anime figures.

Diipoo creates custom figures based on customers' favorite anime characters, featuring original styles, poses, and outfits. The face shape, hair, clothing, and shoes can all be crafted to make these custom figures, which are made from a variety of materials such as plastic, clay, resin, or metal, and come in a range of sizes from small keychains to larger display pieces.

Diipoo's custom figures are handmade by skilled artists, Diipoo launched a custom anime figure service in 2022 and already has over 100 users.

Bendacriss even recommended Diipoo's service on Twitter.

Custom Nendoroid

Nendoroids are small, collectible figures that feature chibi-style proportions and interchangeable parts that allow for a wide range of poses and expressions.

The customization process may involve painting, sculpting, or adding additional accessories or clothing to the figure. Diipoo offers fans a way to express their creativity and love for their favorite anime or manga characters in a unique and personalized way.

Custom Wall Scrolls

Diipoo offers six scroll sizes, three canvas fabrics, two scroll materials, and real photography images.

Custom wall scrolls can feature a wide variety of designs, including anime characters, landscapes, calligraphy, and more. Custom wall scrolls can add a unique and personal touch to any room or space.

Diipoo packaging uses thick paper tubes to effectively avoid damage to the scroll paintings.

Custom Anime Phone Cases

These anime phone cases can be customized with various designs, colors, and characters, allowing fans to express their love for their favorite anime series while also protecting their phones from scratches, dust, and other damage.

Custom anime phone cases offer a fun and unique way for anime fans to personalize their mobile phones while keeping them safe and secure.

Custom Gaming Mousepads

Diipoo now offers custom gaming mousepads in 10 different sizes and 3 thickness options to enhance your gaming experience. The perfect balance between speed and control, these mousepads are designed to improve accuracy and precision while reducing friction and resistance.

On YouTube, Diipoo has gained 217,094 views, and Diipoo expects this number to continue growing to reach more users.

The advantages of Diipoo's customization services include visually customizable products, a wide variety of product categories, multiple payment methods, diverse language options, and the option for 16x zoom on images.

Diipoo has become one of the most popular brands among otaku, with a loyal following.

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