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Tiledesk Unveils the Mona Lisa of Chatbots Using an Open-Source LLM Chatbot Framework

Design, test and launch your flows on all your channels in minutes

Tiledesk, an influential player in the open-source technology landscape, unveils the Design Studio – an open-source LLM Chatbot Framework.

I'm thrilled to be back [here] with a major update from our team… We listened, learned, and were inspired to take things up a notch”
— Michele Pomposo, COO and co-founder of Tildesk
MILAN, MILANO PROVINCE OF LOMBARDY, ITALY, November 6, 2023 / -- Tiledesk, an influential player in the open-source technology landscape, has introduced its latest innovation – an open-source LLM Chatbot Framework. This platform simplifies the creation of chatbots and process automation, making it accessible to a wide range of users.

Tiledesk's user-friendly drag-and-drop interface offers a straightforward way to design dynamic conversations without the complexities of coding or scripting.

To see Tiledesk's capabilities in action, view this video demonstration: Watch the Video.

Elevate Customer Interactions with Advanced Generative AI

Tiledesk's newest offering combines the versatility of Generative AI with the benefits of open-source flexibility. This allows businesses to create dynamic conversation flows and chatbots for engaging interactions across various digital channels while minimizing technical complexities.
Tiledesk Design Studio - A Significant Evolution
Tiledesk announces the evolution of its vision with the introduction of Tiledesk Design Studio, building on the success and feedback received since the launch of the Chatbot Design Studio last February.

“I'm thrilled to be back [here] with a major update from our team… We listened, learned, and were inspired to take things up a notch” said Michele Pomposo, COO and co-founder of Tildesk, during Design Studio’s launch on Product Hunt

What's New?

🌟 Drag & Drop Visual Builder
Tiledesk introduces a completely revamped drag-and-drop visual builder, simplifying the process of creating automated conversations. This user-friendly tool empowers users to design chatbots without the need for scripting or coding skills.

🧠 Generative AI Capabilities
To enhance customer support, Tiledesk has integrated advanced generative AI capabilities into Tiledesk Design Studio, enabling more human-like interactions and improved customer experiences.

🚀 Automation Engine
The new Automation Engine by Tiledesk extends its functionality beyond managing incoming requests. Users can now proactively engage website visitors, initiate
WhatsApp conversations, and send broadcasts to leads or customers. Additionally, it integrates with email and marketing automation tools.

The Magic of Flexible "Graph" Approach
Tiledesk's chatbots now operate with the flexibility of a "graph" approach, moving away from rigid decision trees. Each conversation becomes a network of nodes, offering dynamic, non-linear interactions that adapt to user input and context, resulting in more human-like conversation experiences.

Incorporating a Large Language Model (LLM) like ChatGPT into the automation engine enables context-aware interactions and guides the flow without the need for complex coding. This approach simplifies conversational automation for developers, designers, and prompt creators.

This approach empowers developers, designers, and prompt creators, advancing conversational automation with simplicity and efficiency

Tiledesk invites the community to explore the magic of AI for enhanced customer engagement and collaboration. Let's work together to shape the future. Check out Design Studio Today

If you’re curious about our codebase, you can explore our latest repository on GitHub:

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Tiledesk is a prominent provider of open-source chatbot design solutions. With a commitment to simplifying the creation of dynamic, human-like conversations, Tiledesk empowers businesses to connect with their audiences effortlessly. Learn more at

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