The following are a listing of projects of biological research:

Areas of Biologics Research

  • Allergenics Research
  • Blood Research
    Cellular Hematology, Plasma Derivatives, Hemostasis, Biochemistry & Vascular Biology, Molecular Virology, Hepatitis & Related Emerging Agents, Bacterial, Parasitic & Unconventional Agents
  • Tissue & Advanced Therapies Research
    Gene Transfer & Immunogenicity, Tumor Vaccines & Biotechnology, Cellular Therapy
  • Vaccines Research
    Bacterial Polysaccharides, Enteric & Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Mycobacterial Diseases & Cellular Immunology, Respiratory & Special Pathogens, DNA Viruses, Hepatitis Viruses, Methods Development, Pediatric & Respiratory Viral Diseases, Retrovirus...

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