How One Of America’s Top Retirement Experts Delivers the “Ultimate Client Experience”

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, November 2, 2023 / -- Yann Faho, one of America’s top retirement experts, provides his prestigious high-net-worth clients with everything they can expect and more. In a private interview, the 42-year-old Air Force veteran reveals what sets his practice apart.

Faho, who spent most of his career on Wall Street, initially as a stockbroker and later transitioning to an investment banker, decided to focus on protecting America's wealth and helping individuals create a retirement income that can last a lifetime.

With his 8-member team, The Faho Group, Faho raised nearly $100 million for high-net-worth individuals during his tenure on Wall Street. The median investable assets of his clients are about $10 million.

As a resident of New Jersey, Faho is dedicated to delivering "the ultimate client experience" to his multigenerational client families. He coordinates all aspects of their retirement affairs and is committed to safeguarding their assets and maintaining their lifestyle.

Operating as a boutique-like business within a nationally multi-syndicated insurance services firm, Faho's team combines the intimacy of a small group with the strategic partnership of a major financial advisory practice.

When discussing the keys to their success, Faho reveals what it takes to earn the loyalty of business owners, top-level executives, and their offspring. Hint: His team motto is "Faith. Family. Freedom."

Excerpt from Interview with Yann Faho:

Interviewer: How can people protect their assets from economic collapse?

Yann Faho: Never be afraid to ask for help. Inflation and interest rates are currently at an all-time high. Having a strategy that protects your principal and avoid the downside of market volatility is crucial.

Interviewer: How do you handle noise, such as negative opinions which often make potential clients nervous?

Yann Faho: Having lived and worked in New York City, the financial capital of the world, I've encountered many individuals who believe they're the smartest in their industry. My mentors taught me those who think they're the smartest usually lack fear. Fear is what keeps us human and sane. Neglecting this fundamental caution can lead to dangerous outcomes.

Interviewer Who do you listen to, if anyone?

Yann Faho: The Lord God and my mentors.

Interviewer: What about your company's research?

Yann Faho: We have an exceptional retirement team that communicates regularly, but we also have an incredibly smart client base that helps us determine how we should protect their money.

Interviewer: Do clients ever resist your recommendations because they're used to being in control?

Yann Faho: Most successful people are used to running their own show, but they, like anyone else, want someone they can trust and respect in their corner.

Interviewer: What does retirement planning involve?

Yann Faho: We start with a brief 15-30 minute phone call. Synergy is crucial to me. Within that short time, I will determine if we can help them or not. There are times when we are unable to assist families, but we do our best to guide them in the right direction. The next step is creating a decumulation strategy that outlines their monthly retirement income once they begin collecting income. We take into account their investments, social security, expenses, and evaluate the cash flow they would receive. Our focus is on minimizing tax liability, inflation, and market risks.

Interviewer: What's the biggest challenge in serving high-net-worth individuals?

Yann Faho: Ensuring that we understand their needs, although I don't really consider it a challenge; it’s intuitive.

Interviewer: What's your view on stocks and bonds in the long term?

Yann Faho: Having a diversified portfolio with stocks and bonds is practical. However, what most of my clients don't consider is preparing for the worst. What if there's another market crash like 2008 or a down year like during Covid? Retirement success can be achieved using scientifically proven strategies. Financial advisors encourage clients to build the largest nest egg possible. I advise all my clients to optimally convert their retirement savings into a guaranteed income for life. This can only be achieved by investing in products with no market or inflationary risk, allowing them to maintain their current lifestyle.

Interviewer: What's your minimum account size?

Yann Faho: We don't have one. Most of our clients have at least $10 million in investable assets. As long as you have an open mind and are just a nice person, we can take you on as a client. We often receive referrals from our satisfied clients.

Interviewer: In summary, how would you describe yourself as a retirement expert?

Yann Faho: I truly understand how challenging times can be for families today. We need to approach problems with kindness, fully comprehending the complex situations people face every day. By recognizing their struggles and empathizing with their pain, we can ensure that every client is heard and valued. Our team's main goal is to provide clients with the tools they need to live fulfilling lives during retirement. This is of utmost importance to us, and we will continue to invest our time and resources to make a difference for our clients and their families.

Yann has over seventeen years of experience in finance. He has a dynamic professional background, beginning his work as a stockbroker on Wall Street and later as an investment banker. Today, Yann and his team are a trusted force in the retirement world, consulting clients with an astute understanding of capital preservation and a commitment to delivering tailored solutions for long-term retirement stability.

Yann Faho
Retirement Expert