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GOALisB MBA Admission Consultants Hosts Panel Discussion on the Value of Executive MBA Programs in Career Advancement

GOALisB MBA Admission Consultants recently hosted a panel discussion on "The Value of Executive MBA Programs in Career Advancement."

NEW DELHI, INDIA, November 30, 2023 / -- GOALisB MBA Admission Consultants, a leading advisory service specializing in MBA admissions, recently hosted an engaging and informative panel discussion on "The Value of Executive MBA Programs in Career Advancement." The event brought together experts and professionals from diverse industries to share insights and experiences regarding the impact of Executive MBA programs on career development.

The discussion centered around several key themes, with panelists Ms. Neha Bora, MD of AMC Studio Pvt. Ltd., and Dr. Saswata Banerjee, Scientific Content Creator at the American Chemical Society, pursuing the ISB Executive MBA, providing valuable perspectives and personal anecdotes.

The panel explored the following topics:

1. Defining Value: The discussion delved into the meaning of "value" in the context of Executive MBA programs and provided guidance on how individuals can assess if pursuing an EMBA is the right choice for their careers.

2. Career Advancement: Panelists highlighted the contributions of Executive MBA programs to career advancement, offering valuable insights into how these programs align with industry-specific knowledge and needs.

3. Balancing Work and Studies: Strategies and tips for managing the balance between professional work and MBA studies were shared, addressing the challenges faced by working professionals.

4. Skills and Competencies: Beyond networking, the discussion explored the skills and competencies that participants can expect to gain through Executive MBA programs.

5. Global Perspective: Panelists discussed how Executive MBA programs broaden one's global perspective and the value of this perspective in today's interconnected business world.

6. Leadership Development: The conversation revolved around the key leadership qualities developed through EMBA programs and their impact on career advancement.

7. Return on Investment: Assessing the ROI of an Executive MBA program, both in terms of immediate costs and long-term career benefits, was a crucial aspect of the discussion.

8. Continuous Learning: In a rapidly changing business landscape, the promotion of a culture of continuous learning through EMBA programs and its role in career advancement was explored.

9. Challenges and Obstacles: The discussion concluded with an examination of common challenges and obstacles faced by EMBA students and strategies for overcoming them.

The event offered a platform for professionals considering an EMBA to gain valuable insights and make informed decisions about their career advancement. GOALisB MBA Admission Consultants continues to be at the forefront of providing expert guidance to aspiring MBA students, helping them achieve their aspirations.

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Panel discussion on The Value of Executive MBA Programs in Career Advancement.