The Employment Screening Advice Center Offers Expert Advice to Educate Employers About the Background Checking Process

The Advice Center offers employers expert counsel to educate them about background checks to increase their knowledge and improve their screening processes.

We believe that an educated hiring team is best positioned to make the right hiring decisions for their organization when they are well-informed about background checks.”
— W. Barry Nixon
ALPHARETTA, GA, UNITED STATES, October 17, 2023 / -- The Employment Screening Advice Center offers important content from experts in employment background checking for Employers, Job Seekers and Background Checking Firms to help them continuously improve.

This announcement focuses on Employers since they are the primary purchasers of background checks. According to the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA) more than 94% of employers conduct some form of background check during their hiring process.

Our goal is to keep employers current on the latest developments and enhancements in background checking so they can maximize the effectiveness of their employee selection.

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W. Barry Nixon, a widely recognized expert on background checking is the co-author of ‘Background Screening Investigations: Managing Hiring Risk from an HR and Security Perspective’ founder of, a past recipient of the coveted ‘Most Influential People in Security' award by Security Magazine and is the publisher of the leading e-magazine for the background screening industry – The Background Buzz. He also publishes The Global Background Screener for the international marketplace and an annual Background Screening Industry Resource Guide.

W. Barry Nixon, said, “We believe that an educated hiring team is best positioned to make the right hiring decisions for their organization when they are well-informed about background checks."

Nixon added, “The Employment Screening Advice Center blog brings the expertise of industry experts to employers to help them ensure they are knowledgeable about the latest tools, methods and processes to make better hiring decisions.”

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