mxHERO Announces Generative AI for Mail2Cloud Unlocking Valuable Insights for Enterprise Email

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mxHERO offers free access to its "Chat for Email" prototype, a Generative AI-powered email discovery tool for company emails

Generative AI applied to corporate emails can unlock the vast institutional knowledge, thoughts, feelings, relationships, and experiences of everyone who made the company what it is today.”
— Alexis Panagides, CEO and co-founder of mxHERO
SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA, October 7, 2023 / -- Today, mxHERO, Inc., creator of the Mail2Cloud email management platform, announced general availability of its prototype release of "Chat for Email," a Generative AI-powered email discovery tool enabling natural language discovery and insights across company emails.

The prototype service leverages mxHERO's deep knowledge of email to provide users with a simple "ChatGPT" type interface to explore and extract insights from enterprise correspondence. Specifically engineered for email, the service is optimized to deliver high-performance results even when supporting massive amounts of email accumulated over decades and across thousands of end-user or shared accounts.

Notably, the service will leverage mxHERO's award-winning email capture engine, Mail2Cloud. Mail2Cloud allows organizations to easily stage their email content (including email body, metadata, and attachments) for Generative AI discovery. for Generative AI discovery easily. Businesses can incorporate the full range of their email content (or a targeted sub-component), whether decades-old legacy emails from archives or communications occurring in real-time. Furthermore, Mail2Cloud allows organizations to be highly selective regarding which emails they want to include for AI-powered analysis. It provides companies with a quick time to value for priority business units while addressing the need for inherent trust and security. For example, an organization might focus their AI insight captures on all HR, Marketing, or Legal Team email traffic to allow assigned users to gain insights and better understand their engagements. Enterprises could also use the capability from an IT perspective to gain more insight into email compliance and cyber-security risks.

The service is being developed agnostic to email sources and generative AI technology. Mail2Cloud can capture email from any email source, whether in-flight (real-time) or at rest in servers and archives. All email services like Microsoft O365, Google Workspace, or on-premises servers are supported. The service is designed to integrate a wide range of foundation models. Currently, the service supports OpenAI's GPT3.5 and GPT4 but will soon extend to models from Anthropic, Google, and others. Plans include supporting self-hosted LLMs like Llama2.

"For over a decade, mxHERO has focused on bridging business email with other technologies and content management platforms. The advent of LLM AI has been an incredible boon for our mission. LLM AI's incredible ability to understand and synthesize written communication is unbelievably powerful when coupled with email, the largest source of written communication, human interactions, and unstructured data for businesses globally. Exabytes of email content are trapped in archives and servers, loaded with the institutional knowledge, thoughts, feelings, relationships, and experiences of everyone who made the company what it is today. LLM AI technology can be used to unlock this vast vault of knowledge for meaningful insights," said Alexis Panagides, Co-Founder and CEO of mxHERO.

mxHERO has released two videos explaining and demonstrating the service:
Product vision and query examples (

Demonstration with the public-domain Enron email dataset (

mxHERO is working with leading industries and extending access to its prototype to the public today. Interested parties can sign up for the service at

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