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Alexander Rekeda and Daughter Christina Fight for Ukraine through Unity for Freedom

Alexander Rekeda

NEWARK, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, October 5, 2023 / -- The war in Ukraine may seem like such an unapproachable crisis for many younger Americans. In fact, many aren't sure how or where they can even begin to get involved.

Yet, seventh grader Christina Rekeda is demonstrating exactly how today’s youth can, in fact, make a difference, by teaming up with her father on charity work for Unity for Freedom.

Unity for Freedom is devoted to alleviating the impact of the war in Ukraine by providing direct support to Ukrainians who need it most. Americans like Christina are able to raise funds that assist Ukrainians in a variety of ways — and every dollar counts. Read on to learn how youths like Christina, as well as her father Alexander, are working to provide immediate aid to Ukrainians in need.

The Founding of Unity for Freedom
Alexander Rekeda was determined to help Ukrainians when the war began in February 2022, but was disappointed to realize his donations to charitable organizations weren’t being effectively distributed. Along with a group of determined friends, Alexander founded the nonprofit organization Unity for Freedom.

His goal with Unity for Freedom was to do things differently — and, most importantly, provide aid in a cost-effective, efficient manner to Ukrainians with the most need. As the crisis continues each day, Unity for Freedom is able to respond to urgent needs by pooling resources and utilizing on-the-ground connections in Ukraine. Now, Alexander oversees day-to-day operations and utilizes his existing management skills to ensure operations are at max efficiency.

Aid At Any Age
Both of Alexander’s daughters have played a role in Unity for Freedom. His daughter, Anna, helped form the nonprofit in 2022, and continues to raise money for Unity for Freedom while also assisting in its daily operations.

But his younger daughter, Christina, is a major inspiration for American youths who may believe they’re too young to make a difference. Christina also helped set up the nonprofit alongside her father and sister, and now consistently raises funds for Unity for Freedom by leveraging her creative skills. With a lifelong passion for art, Christina sells original paintings and crafts, and donates the proceeds to Unity for Freedom.

Considering that Christina is only in sixth grade, this is clearly only the beginning of her involvement in charitable causes. And for other pre-teens and teenagers looking for ways to assist in overseas crises, Christina’s work with Unity for Freedom serves as a great example.

The Future of Unity for Freedom
Now, over a year into its existence, Unity for Freedom has both short-term and long-term operational goals and funds. It provides aid to those who need it most immediately, but is also planning for the future, when the time comes to rebuild in Ukraine.

On a day-to-day basis, Unity for Freedom provides Ukrainians with basic goods (which have become harder to access due to disrupted supply chains), helps families and individuals secure shelter, and more. With a wide network in Ukraine, Unity for Freedom is able to ensure that aid is distributed quickly and appropriately.

While it can be overwhelming to know where to begin, the Rekeda family proves that hard work and an entrepreneurial spirit can make a major impact in war-torn countries. By harnessing her creative skills, Christina shows that young people, too, can get involved with causes they care about.

Alexander Rekeda
Alexander Rekeda
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