A Hub for Emerging Theater Professionals with ‘City Lights Theater Company’

Dive into City Lights Theater Company's success story

Dive into City Lights Theater Company's success story

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Lisa Mallette - Executive Artistic Director of City Lights Theater Company

Lisa Mallette - Executive Artistic Director of City Lights Theater Company

Non-Profit Stories Podcast explores City Lights Theater Company's journey since 1982, its innovative theater experiences, and a vision for future growth.

Lead with love, not your ego.”
— Lisa Mallette
SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 4, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Non-Profit Stories Podcast is excited to announce the release of its latest podcast episode. In this captivating installment, listeners will be treated to an intimate conversation with Lisa Mallette, shedding light on their artistic journey, challenges, and the power of community engagement through theater.

City Lights Theater Company, founded in 1982, has been a prominent player in the theater scene, delighting audiences with a diverse repertoire of plays and musicals, including fresh and innovative new works. The downtown San Jose theater has become a hub for artists, educators, students, and avid theatergoers.

The upcoming podcast episode dives deep into the organization's history, exploring its humble beginnings and remarkable growth. Listeners will gain insight into the evolution of the theater's mission, which revolves around creating live, provocative productions that engage, inspire, and challenge both artists and audiences through innovative concepts and intimate staging.

Lisa Mallette, an influential figure in the theater world, shares their passion for leading City Lights Theater Company. With a background predominantly in acting, they describe their journey from acting to directing and the joy they find in rallying people around a shared artistic vision. Their dedication to providing a platform for talented young artists to hone their craft is truly inspiring.

The podcast episode also features transformational experiences related to the organization. One of the standout moments discussed is making theater more inclusive by seamlessly integrating American Sign Language (ASL) into a bilingual production. Lisa Mallette shares the challenges and triumphs of this project, highlighting the importance of bridging and bonding diverse communities through the arts.

Listeners will also hear about other significant milestones, including the unprecedented success of productions like "Rocky Horror" and "JC Superstar," which pushed the boundaries of traditional theater, engaged the audience on a deeper level, and transformed the theater-going experience.

Lisa Mallette underscores the importance of networking and collaboration in the theater world. They emphasize the value of relationships in achieving success in artistic endeavors and community engagement.

As City Lights Theater Company looks to the future, Lisa Mallette shares their vision for growth and sustainability. The organization is actively searching for a new, more spacious venue to continue serving the community with its unique brand of engaging and thought-provoking theater experiences.

Listeners are encouraged to tune in to this enlightening podcast episode, where they will gain a deeper understanding of City Lights Theater Company's history, mission, and the profound impact of the arts on communities.

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For more information about City Lights Theater Company, please visit https://cltc.org/

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A Hub for Emerging Theater Professionals with ‘City Lights Theater Company’