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Former Con Man and Veteran Cop Launch New Podcast Series

Get the different points of view on white collar crime from a legendary con man and a no nonsense cop in the new Spotify podcast all about white collar crime.

NEW YORK, NY, USA, October 2, 2023 / -- After waiting for the verdict the results are finally in. Con man, Steve Comisar’s, Scam Junkie, podcast will join forces with cop Ryan Horn’s White Collar Crimes podcast for The Con Man & The Cop. This never before done format has real life con man, Comisar, and veteran cop, Horn, joining forces and giving you advice from both sides of the fence.

The 80’s blockbuster hit movie, 48 Hours, starring Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte was about a veteran street cop and a career criminal who team up as crime fighters. What made the movie so successful and entertaining was the great chemistry between the two stars. This proven formula of bad guy and good guy joining forces to achieve a common goal has been popular in movies since there were movies.

White Collar Crimes is hosted by Ryan Horn with a career background in law enforcement. Starting out as a correctional officer Horn went on to become a probation officer. Scam Junkie is hosted by Steve Comisar a reformed legendary con man. These two combined podcasts on Spotify will offer advice from the law enforcement perspective and from the criminal point of view. Both agree on one thing. Horn says, “If you don’t learn how to protect yourself again cons and scams, you and your money may soon be parted. And what a better way to learn than to kick back after work and binge a few episodes of “The Con Man & The Cop.”

As Crime Junkie the former podcast leader drops in the ratings Scam Junkie soars to the top of the charts as the number one true crime podcast focusing strictly on white collar crime. The brains behind Scam Junkie is Steve Comisar, aka Brett Champion, The Don of Con, a reformed iconic con man who knows a lot about white collar crime and he’s sharing his knowledge with the public in his new and highly rated podcast. White Collar Crimes produced and hosted by Ryan Horn, a career law enforcement officer, is right behind Scam Junkie on the leaderboard. Crime Junkie finished a distant third.

Michelle Jones, Director of Marketing for Spotify says,” The reason Comisar’s show is so successful is because he is a real con man and the listeners find that interesting while Flowers as a marketing specialist only comments on past crimes perpetrated by others. Comisar’s show is refreshing because he is charismatic, funny and quick-witted. There’s no telling how successful Comisar will become. His background in acting adds more intrigue to the equation. There has never been a podcast hosted by a famous criminal and a law enforcement officer. The public will eat it up. A successful podcast can easily bring in a million dollars a month in earnings to its producers and hosts.”

Molly Goldman, Comisar’s manager says, “His voice is calm, confident, like a pilots. You immediately trust him and want to write him a check. He knocked out the first episode in one take. He’s very charming and charismatic. He’s also a classically trained method actor and he’s very good at it. If this is any indication on what the future may bring for him, watch out Hollywood, here comes your next star.”

Comisar is 59 and resides in Los Angeles, California. The first 13 episodes of his podcast, Scam Junkie, are available now on Spotify. Promotional t-shirts and other swag merch items are given away to all new subscribers on first come basis while supply lasts. A VIP subscription to Scam Junkie is $4.99 per month. Ryan Horn and Steve Comisar plan to join forces and launch their newly combined podcast, The Con Man & The Cop, next month on Spotify.

By Trisha Stewart, Celebrity Newswire

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