New Frankenstein Film is Streaming this Halloween, but it's not just for Halloween.

The Creature smirking

Marc Christopher as the Creature

Creature reading toward viewer as Victor looks on

Marc Christopher as the Creature, Daniel Robert Burns as Victor Frankenstein

Creator in the doorway

Marc Christopher as the Creature

Based on Mary Shelley’s novel, and adapted for screen from the successful Off-Broadway musical - the movie is also available for school use.

Frankenstein is alive! . . . Immerse yourself in the haunting melodies and powerful score of this romantic musical adaptation.”
— Kristen Morale (BroadwayWorld review)
NEW YORK, NY, USA, September 27, 2023 / -- The latest Frankenstein movie is available for this Halloween. It can be streamed on-demand at The Joe LoBianco film is a compelling adaptation of Mary Shelley's frightening work of horror, sci-fi and romance. It is a musical drama with haunting melodies and a "Phantom-like" score, written and composed by Eric B, Sirota, and adapted for film from his long-running and successful Off-Broadway musical.

It was recently re-imagined, filmed, and edited for the screen in what is an exciting new hybrid between a stage performance and a movie musical, with an expanded score and full orchestration. See the website:

As Mary Shelley's novel is one of the classics still part of school curricula, this adaptation is of particular interest to educators. To facilitate its use, a discounted group license can be purchased which will allow it to be shown in a classroom, and also provide the flexibility of individual access for each student to view on their own device and time of their choosing. Details can be found on the website (under the tab "teachers").

Sirota's adaptation of Frankenstein is firmly grounded in Mary Shelley's source material, and is a sweeping romantic musical about the human need for love and companionship. Thus, it is appropriate not only for Halloween, by also for Valentine's Day or any other time of the year.

Reviews noted: "Frankenstein is alive! . . . Immerse yourself in the haunting melodies and powerful score of this romantic musical adaptation. . . it is a success of a show that should be considered something great in the realm of musical theater." (-BroadwayWorld); "Sirota…imbues his show with the serious philosophical underpinnings of Shelley’s original” (-Off Off On Line); "a musical love letter . . . infused with enough emotion to send chills down the spine" (-Local Theatre NY).

In Mary Shelley‘s novel (entitled “Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus”), Victor Frankenstein works in isolation. He tells no one of his endeavors. He does not share it with Elizabeth, his best friend Henry, nor his teachers, and he has no assistant. This is actually key to the story since Victor’s flaw as a scientist was not “hubris” as is often said, but, according to Sirota (a scientist himself), “his lack of collaboration, mentorship and peer review”. And in his new adaptation, that was maintained. But Victor’s main flaw which turned the story into a tale of horror, was not about science, but his lack of empathy for his creation, his child. In a sense, it is about bad parenting. And Sirota’s musical is about the human need for a love and companionship; the heart of Mary Shelley‘s story.

Directed by Joe LoBianco, this film is produced by Executive Producers John Lant and Tamra Pica in collaboration with Write Act Repertory, Tin Mirror Productions, and Gatehouse Entertainment. It was reimagined and restaged by John Lant for the film medium and directed by Joe LoBianco, with technical consultant Tom DiOrio and fellow producers Maarten Cornelis, Eric B. Sirota, and Cara London. Frankenstein was filmed in the historic Park Theatre in Union City, New Jersey. Studio recordings and post-production took place at Tin Mirror Studios in Kings Park, New York.

The cast is led by Daniel Robert Burns (Victor Frankenstein), Marc Christopher (Creature), Grace Hwoang (Elizabeth Lavenza), Tim Bacskai (Henry Clerval), Ren King (Innkeeper), Jay Lucas Chacon (Innkeeper), Daryl Glenn (Victor’s Father) and Lauren Coccaro (Justine), with Julie McNamara, Isaiah Delgado, Rebecca Ponticello and Melissa Cathcart.

The musical director is Kent Jeong Eun Kim, and the orchestrations are by Kent Jeong Eun Kim, Kim Jinhyoung & Eric B. Sirota.

The soundtrack album has been released under the name "Frankenstein Cast Album (Movie Musical)” and is available on most music streaming services including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and YouTube.

The world premiere Off-Broadway stage production of Frankenstein, which ran from 2017 to 2020, had original direction and choreography by Clint Hromsco, designs by Matthew Imhoff, lighting by Maarten Cornelis, costumes by Jennifer Anderson, make-up by Johna Mancini, properties by Tamra Pica, sound by Elizabeth Howell and music direction by Anessa Marie.

Later this year, Avail Films will release a DVD version of Frankenstein, as well as a CD of the soundtrack.

For further information, please visit or to stream Frankenstein directly.

Eric is a composer and playwright, having written five full-length musicals. He studied musical composition in college and is an established and highly published research scientist with a Ph.D. in Physics. His musical, "Frankenstein", played Off-Broadway at St. Luke’s Theatre in NYC for three years. His musical "Your Name on My Lips" had two productions at Theatre for the New City, where Sirota was a resident playwright. In 2019, he was the recipient of the Denis Diderot Artists-in-Residence grant to attend the Chateau Orquevaux residency where he wrote "A Good Day" - (Music, memory, an old flame, and Alzheimer’s), currently in development and recently produced by The Shawnee Playhouse. As composer (with librettist Vin Morreale Jr.), Sirota wrote "A Day at the White House", which is slated for production next year. (Sirota's website: )

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