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Kim Condurso of Quantum Origins to be Featured on Close Up Radio

MARLTON, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, September 21, 2023/ -- As humans, we all search for the ultimate state of being, which is that of boundless happiness and continued health into the Golden Years. Have you ever felt “stuck” in this quest, wondering why you can’t just BE happy and BE healthy? Perhaps events and traumas from your past are still lingering over you like a dark cloud, presenting themselves in your weakest moments. When we have so many modalities of health care to choose from, one would think that it shouldn’t be that hard to achieve this ultimate state of health and happiness. Yet, it is.

Kim Condurso, founder of Quantum Origins, has been on a relentless quest for most of her adult life, to find the key to be able to unlock her and her family's health and happiness. Although it took years of searching, she has finally found this missing link which came with her discovery of energy medicine. Mother of two adopted boys, Kim has utilized endless holistic means to help her children heal from trauma related to their adoption. During this journey, she realized she had some of her own healing work to do in regards to her past life experiences. Kim’s pursuit has always been about supporting her belief that the body has the innate ability to heal itself and this innate healing power can only be manifested by treating the cause and not the symptoms. Although she has called upon the help of many branches of holistic medicine, not until her discovery of energy healing, did her family’s “dark cloud” finally lift.

Prior to launching Quantum Origins, Kim passionately taught Advanced Placement Chemistry for almost 30 years. Although she had never envisioned herself retiring early from this career, the profound impact that energy healing had on her family made her soon realize that the Universe had a different plan for her. Her inquisitive scientific mind sent her on a quest to be able to explain the science behind energy healing so that society can embrace this highly effective healing modality that has existed since the dawn of civilization. All things, including us, originate with energy, hence much of our unhappiness in our lives can be traced back to our “Quantum Origins”. Not only are our physical bodies composed of countless vibrating bits of energy, but the more intangible constructs of thoughts and emotions are also just vibrating “packets” of energy, each with their own unique vibration or frequency. During times of stress and trauma, the low resonating energies associated with negative emotions, such as shame, guilt and fear create energetic chaos in the body. It is oftentimes this “emotional baggage” that we can carry with us for a lifetime that leads to the manifestation of pain, disease and mental illness if not released.

As a Certified Emotion Code practitioner, Kim is able to identify the trapped emotions that lead to this emotional baggage and release them permanently from our bodies. For both people and pets, this is accomplished through techniques involving muscle resistance testing, known as Kinesiology, and energetic principles derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine. The beauty of an Emotion Code session is that the client does not have to relive any past negative experiences or trauma. Only the energetic blueprint from that event is released. Kim is also a certified Quantum Touch practitioner. Quantum Touch involves a light touch around an affected area that focuses and amplifies life-force energy while combining various breathing techniques. The recipient’s body will entrain to this higher frequency, thus amplifying the body’s innate ability to heal.

Kim’s mission is to change societal norms so that it becomes commonplace to care for our energetic bodies along with our physical bodies. One of Kim’s favorite quotes is “Faith is to believe what you do not see. The reward of this Faith is to see what you believe.” Working with the “invisible” to create positive visible change is what miracles are made of and it is Kim’s absolute privilege to help us heal our body and soul through the magnificence of energy healing.

Close Up Radio will feature Kim Condurso in an interview with Jim Masters on Monday September 25th at 12pm EST and with Doug Llewelyn on Monday October 2nd at 12pm EST

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