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The Digital Kitsap Initiative Launches Exclusive Offer to Elevate Kitsap County Small Businesses Online

The Kitsap

The Kitsap

KITSAP COUNTY, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, September 21, 2023 / -- Kitsap County, The Digital Kitsap Initiative proudly announces its exclusive Platinum Offer, a transformative package specifically tailored for the hardworking entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and small businesses of Kitsap County. With the goal of bridging the digital gap, this offer ensures that local businesses not only have an online presence but one that stands out with professional finesse.

In today's digital age, a strong online identity is no longer a luxury; it's a necessity. The Kitsap Initiative recognizes the challenges that small businesses face in navigating the digital realm. Hence, this limited-time offer is meticulously crafted to provide businesses with everything they need to thrive online.

Key Benefits:

Professional Business Website: An up-to-6-page dynamic website that reflects the brand's essence and message. It’s not just about being online; it’s about being memorable online.

Mobile Optimization: As the world moves to mobile-first, businesses in Kitsap won’t be left behind. The offer includes state-of-the-art mobile optimization, ensuring brands shine on every screen - from smartphones to TVs.

E-Commerce Capabilities: With an integrated online store, businesses can reach a broader clientele, and with 0% commission, they enjoy every bit of their hard-earned revenue.

iPhone and Android Apps: In an app-driven world, Kitsap businesses can now have their bespoke progressive web apps, deepening engagement with their community.

High-Quality Business Video: A broadcast-quality HD video showcasing their brand's story, products, or services - a tool that can captivate audiences both online and offline.

Robust Hosting Solutions: A worry-free online hosting experience, complete with SSL, top-tier security, and backups. The first year is on us!

“Every business in Kitsap County has a unique story, and we're here to ensure that it's told in the best way possible, reaching as many ears and eyes as it can. This offer isn’t just about getting online; it’s about thriving online,” said Himesh Bhargo, CEO, The Digital Kitsap Initiative.

The Kitsap Initiative understands the local businesses' heartbeats and has therefore made the entire process straightforward. With a cloud-based experience, there's no cumbersome setup or downloads. Businesses can simply log in, edit in real-time, and witness their brand flourish in the digital space.

Slots for the Platinum Offer are filling up quickly due to its first-come, first-serve nature. Small businesses and entrepreneurs are encouraged to check their qualification and be part of this digital revolution in Kitsap County.

For further information, or to schedule an interview with a representative from The Digital Kitsap Initiative, please contact Himesh Bhargo at +13604716999

The Kitsap
The Kitsap
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