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Econologics Financial Advisors Unveils the Financial Prosperity Index® Assessment: A Comprehensive Tool

LARGO, FL, USA, September 21, 2023/ -- Econologics Financial Advisors, a trailblazer in personalized financial planning, is excited to introduce the Financial Prosperity Index® Assessment. This innovative online questionnaire is designed to objectively measure the current financial condition of a household, comparing it with an optimum condition as defined by Econologics' unique proprietary system specifically designed for business owners of a private healthcare practice.

An In-Depth Analysis of Your Financial Life

Comprising detailed questions that assess 9 different areas of a business owner’s financial life, the Financial Prosperity Index® Assessment validates the financial areas that are thriving while exposing those that need improvement. The responses are analyzed and scored on a scale from 0 to 900, providing a visual graph that offers a comprehensive glimpse of the household's overall financial health.

The higher the score, the closer the household's financial condition is to reaching the optimum financial condition. The lower the score, the closer a business owner is subject to risk and potential financial mistakes. This unique scoring system empowers individuals and families to understand their financial standing compared to an ideal state and reveals areas to focus on proactive steps toward financial improvement.

A Personalized Strategy Session with an Econologics® Specialist

Upon completing the Financial Prosperity Index® Assessment, business owners who participate will have the opportunity to meet with an Econologics® Specialist to review the assessment graph in a brief financial strategy session at no charge. This one-on-one meeting is designed to discuss the results in detail and outline specific ways to begin enhancing the household's financial condition immediately.

A Commitment to Financial Freedom

The goal of the Financial Prosperity Index® Assessment is to identify the most critical financial elements of a practice owner’s life – including their business – and with the help of a licensed financial advisor trained to understand the unique challenges of a independently owned healthcare practice, provide detailed solutions that pave the way to achieving economic independence we call financial freedom. Econologics Financial Advisors has carefully crafted this assessment, along with 20 other key performance metrics for both business and personal gain, to provide financial planning tools with actionable steps tailored to individual needs and aspirations of a practice owner’s family household.

Check Your Financial Health

The Financial Prosperity Index® Assessment is now available online for any practice owner in veterinary, optometry, physical therapy, dentistry, or privately owned healthcare business owners who are eager to take control of their valuable time, business and personal financial success. For more information or to take the assessment, visit

About Econologics Financial Advisors

Econologics Financial Advisors is a Registered Investment Advisor firm and insurance agency serving the financial planning needs of healthcare practice owners, nationwide, including veterinarians, physical therapists, optometrists, and dentists, etc. helping them gain confidence in their financial future and achieve financial freedom.

By helping practice owners plan a path toward financial success, Econologics Financial Advisors shows owners how to run their household like a business and treat their practice like the investment asset that it is through tailored financial planning techniques designed to get results. After working with an Econologics Financial Advisor, a practice owner informed how to harness the profits of the business, to build multiple income streams of personal wealth, prepare for retirement, protect and expand their income producing assets, and plan a financial legacy expeditiously.

Econologics Financial Advisors is also home to multiple licensed financial advisors and a staff who are committed to helping practice owners achieve their business and personal financial goals. Eric S. Miller, the Co-Owner and Chief Financial Advisor at Econologics, has had over 20,000 conversations with practice owners and over a decade of experience helping clients through business expansion efforts and all the way out through exit into retirement for a desired more meaningful and smooth financial journey.

With the skills, talents, experience, and dedication of the Econologics Financial Advisors team, the mission to help hundreds of practice owners predict, protect, and overcome the financial hurdles on the journey to maximizing the fruits their hard work, build a better financial future, and have time free to pursue other life goals.

Econologics Financial Advisors, LLC (‘EFA’) is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as an investment advisor. (Such registration does not imply a certain level of skill or training.) This communication is not an offer to sell or effect any transaction in securities. Neither EFA nor its affiliates provide legal, tax or accounting advice. Please consult a qualified attorney or accountant.

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