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San Diego Patient’s Mother Praises Alter Mental Health for Being the Best Treatment Her Son Has Received

Alter strongly believes that all people deserve quality mental health care, for patients and their families to overcome disorders that can be so destructive.

I no longer stress about him as I know he is safe and getting help in a great place.”
— Kathy
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, September 18, 2023/ -- After years of frustration with other providers, a woman is praising the effective care her son has received at Alter Mental Health San Diego, posting a detailed five-star review of the program.

I can’t say enough good things,” wrote the patient’s mother, Kathy. “I no longer stress about him as I know he is safe and getting help in a great place.”

Kathy’s son underwent crisis intervention at Alter Mental Health San Diego, a short-term stabilization unit for people experiencing a mental health crisis, which occurs when someone finds themselves unable to handle situations that once may have been manageable. This may be due to trauma, changed life circumstances or the social stigma that still exists for people who admit they have a mental illness.

Alter strongly believes that all people deserve quality mental health care to better understand themselves and help them and their families overcome disorders that can be so destructive. Providing an alternative to hospitalization, Alter’s treatment team uses continuous psychiatric/medical care and medication management to stabilize patients so they can begin long-term treatment at one of Alter’s other facilities in Orange County. Treatment is provided for a variety of mental health disorders, including schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, major depression, bipolar disorder, trauma/post-traumatic stress disorder, personality disorder, panic disorders and general anxiety disorders.

In her review, Kathy wrote that her family had struggled to find appropriate care for her son for several years, often encountering “terrible experiences” at other hospitals. The experience was completely different at Alter, she wrote. “From the first time we contacted them, they have been wonderful. Even when we arrived in San Diego and had a problem, the executive director came to the airport himself late at night and helped us.”

The support Kathy and her son received is at the heart of the Alter Mental Health program in San Diego, where experienced mental health professionals are dedicated to making a lasting difference in their patients’ lives. They accomplish this with a holistic approach that treats the whole person – body and mind together – to help patients reach lasting recovery. Therapy is designed to reveal the root causes of mental illness so effective strategies can be devised for overcoming them. Because of this, all treatment plans are customized for the individual but usually include cognitive behavioral therapy and some forrm of pharmaceutical therapy as appropriate.

Kathy’s son is still undergoing treatment at Alter, and she is still pleased with the care he is receiving.
“I talk to my son on the phone and he seems very content there,” her review concluded. “He’s not complaining about anything like he has at previous places. He says the food is good, everyone is nice to him. He enjoys the activities. Last night he said they took them for a manicure/pedicure at a salon and he liked it! . . . We plan to keep him there as long as necessary. I like that they have a holistic approach as well and they will teach him life skills that will benefit him. I finally feel like we will get our son back to his baseline and he can have a positive future!

For more information on mental health treatment for yourself or a loved one, visit Alter Behavioral Health or call 888-513-2965.

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