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Cargo Stream, launches product for freight forwarders to collect trucking company rates in the U.K. market

Cargo Stream is announcing the launch of their automated tendering and ordering management system for CFOs and logistic chain managers, which will enable them to save valuable time and money.

Birmingham, England, Sept. 04, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In a significant move to revolutionize the logistics industry, Cargo Stream has unveiled its state-of-the-art automated tendering and ordering management system in the U.K. This innovative platform is designed to cater to the unique needs of CFOs and logistics chain managers, promising substantial time and cost savings.

Derek van Dyk, Head of UK at Cargo Stream, highlighted the prevalent inefficiencies in the current market, where studies indicate that nearly 17% of logistics expenses are overpaid due to outdated procurement processes. The primary culprits? Reliance on Excel for organizing tenders, email-based transportation bookings, and invoice management.

Traditional methods, van Dyk points out, often lead to lost information amidst vast Excel data and an avalanche of emails. This not only complicates the logistics process but also deprives CFOs of essential context regarding their expenditures.

Cargo Stream's platform is a game-changer. It empowers logistics managers to streamline procurement for long-term services via quarterly or yearly tenders. The results are staggering: businesses can potentially save up to 20% of their annual logistics budget and expedite the rate collection process from trucking companies by a whopping 80%. This efficiency translates to scalability, allowing businesses to engage with ten times the number of truckers simultaneously.

Furthermore, the platform boasts features that enable logistic managers to draft and dispatch detailed tenders, finalize contracts, place orders, monitor them, and maintain seamless communication with suppliers. A standout feature is the platform's ability to automatically cross-check invoices against agreed terms, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Derek van Dyk envisions a future where the logistics industry embraces technology for more streamlined, efficient, and reliable tendering processes. He notes the shift in dynamics, with ocean carriers now spearheading intermodal tenders and the industry at large moving away from manual Excel-based operations.

Cargo Stream's cloud-based platform is not just a tool but a comprehensive digital solution for logistics management. While it has gained significant traction in Europe, its recent expansion into the U.K. and Poland marks a new chapter in its journey.

About Cargo Stream: A trailblazer in digital logistics solutions, Cargo Stream offers a unified platform for both land and maritime transportation needs.

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