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3DPrinterOS Integration and Workflow Optimization Revolutionizes 3D Printing at Koenigsegg Automotive


Koenigsegg Uses 3DPrinterOS to Manage a Diverse Fleet of 3D Printers

Leveraging 3DPrinterOS and open communication, Koenigsegg sets industry benchmarks with cars that redefine speed and luxury.”
— Tim Bäck - Team Leader at Koenigsegg Automotive

CA, SAN FRANCISCO, USA, September 4, 2023/ -- Koenigsegg Automotive, a world-renowned manufacturer of high-performance sports cars, has achieved a groundbreaking milestone in its 3D printing capabilities through the integration of 3DPrinterOS and an optimized workflow. The collaboration between Koenigsegg and 3DPrinterOS has resulted in significant advancements in managing their diverse fleet of printers and streamlining the production process.

Leading the charge in this transformative endeavor is Tim Bäck, the team leader for CNC and 3D Printing Prototyping at Koenigsegg Automotive. With an impressive tenure of eight and a half years, Tim has been an integral part of Koenigsegg's growth from a team of 60 to an astounding 600 members. Tim's expertise lies in carbon fiber bodywork, and his contribution has been instrumental in shaping the success of the Agera RS.

Joining the team five years ago, Kristian Ljungkvist has proven himself to be an invaluable asset. Initially focusing on automotive systems, Kristian's passion for mechanics and kinematics led him to embrace the exciting world of 3D printing. Today, his expertise plays a pivotal role in leveraging 3DPrinterOS's capabilities to optimize Koenigsegg's 3D printing operations.

Koenigsegg has chosen 3DPrinterOS as their go-to platform for managing their diverse fleet of printers. Over the past 2.5 years, the number of printers has grown to an impressive 17, consisting of 11 FDM printers and a variety of resin-based printers. One of the key advantages of 3DPrinterOS lies in its versatility, enabling engineers to seamlessly switch between different printer types. This flexibility allows Koenigsegg's engineering team to select the best technology for each specific task, resulting in enhanced efficiency and superior outcomes.

The cloud-based 3DPrinterOS platform offers a multitude of benefits that have revolutionized Koenigsegg's 3D printing operations. Centralized management allows for streamlined coordination across the fleet, reducing time spent on manual administration. Real-time monitoring ensures that engineers can track the progress of print jobs and address any potential issues promptly, thereby maximizing productivity.

By integrating 3DPrinterOS into their workflow, Koenigsegg has achieved unparalleled levels of efficiency, accuracy, and quality in their 3D printing endeavors. The optimized workflow empowers their team to push the boundaries of innovation, facilitating rapid prototyping and accelerating the development cycle.

Tim Bäck and Kristian Ljungkvist's dedication and expertise have been pivotal in this transformative journey. Together with the exceptional capabilities of 3DPrinterOS, Koenigsegg Automotive is at the forefront of revolutionizing 3D printing in the automotive industry.

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