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PreIPO Corp. Releases Shareholder Letter Highlighting IP Value

Entrance to Preipo's Boca Raton HQ

PreIPO® Boca Raton Headquarters Entrance

BOCA RATON, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, August 24, 2023/ -- PreIPO Corp., a leading fintech company, has released a comprehensive letter to its shareholders, providing transparency into the company's intellectual property (IP) valuation. This move comes as a direct response to recent inquiries, aiming to shed light on the company's value creation mechanisms.

The valuation was meticulously conducted by a well-recognized IP law firm based in Boston, ensuring a thorough and credible assessment of PreIPO Corp.'s assets.

IP Assets Values of PreIPO Corp.

The company's IP valuation reasoning is as follows:

Domain Names: Based on market interest and previous sales, the value of the domain names ranges from a minimum of $30 Million to a maximum of $90 Million, with a likely range between $40 and $45 Million.

Trademarks: PreIPO Corp. has 4 registered US marks, 21 pending US marks, and a registered mark in the UK and Europe. The value of these trademarks, based on their association with the domain, ranges from a minimum of $10 Million to a maximum of $25 Million, with a likely range between $20 and $25 Million.

Technology Stack: The technology stack's value has already been accounted for on the company's books; however, the combined value of the various components of the technology stack would likely exceed the booked value.

Patent Applications and Other Barriers to Entry: Based on how PreIPO Corp. processes information, data and images using AI and other trade secret technologies, the value of potential patent applications ranges from a minimum of $500k to a maximum of $2 Million, with a likely range between $1 and $1.5 Million.

This exhibit released to shareholders, and filed in PreIPO®'s response to the SEC, also includes a detailed breakdown of the factors considered in the IP valuation, such as market demand, keyword relevance, domain extension, brandability, legal considerations, registration status, keywords, SEO considerations, geographic scope, market presence, relevance, and previous domain sales.

Historical Domain Sales Provide Context to PreIPO's Valuation

In the domain industry, historical sales play a pivotal role in determining the value of a domain. The sale of similar domains at high prices in the past can set a precedent for the valuation of current domains. To provide context to PreIPO Corp's domain valuation, it's essential to consider the following notable domain sales: was acquired by RH Donnelly for $345 Million. fetched $90 Million in its sale to, LLC. was sold for $49.7 Million to QuinStreet Inc. commanded a price of $35.6 Million, also acquired by QuinStreet, Inc. was purchased by HomeAway Inc. for $35 Million. was acquired by Nations Luxury Transportation, LLC for $30.1 Million. was sold for $30 Million to

A Call to Action for Shareholders

In light of the recent events, PreIPO Corp. will be inviting its shareholders to a Q&A Webinar & to sign a petition urging for the end of the freeze put forth. The company believes that the value creation for shareholders should continue unhindered and not be frozen due to a story presented without all the facts. PreIPO Corp. remains committed to its mission and will take every necessary step to ensure the interests of its shareholders are protected.

About PreIPO Corp.

PreIPO Corp. is a fintech company dedicated to democratizing access to pre-IPO shares through innovative solutions. With a global vision to reshape the market landscape for primary and secondary market securities using cutting-edge technologies.

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