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Steven Odzer Discusses Different Ways For Businesses to Give Back and Support the Local Community

Steven Odzer

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, August 21, 2023/ -- Steven Odzer is a huge proponent of giving back to the community. He personally works to promote and support agencies that hire people with disabilities, is a large supporter of Bris Avrohom, a large not-for-profit that helps immigrants who have moved from Russia to the United States, and supports many Jewish causes. While he believes that each person should give back and support their local community, he believes that businesses have this same responsibility. Businesses can give back and support local communities in ways that are much larger than the average person can accomplish on their own. Those who own a business may often wonder how they can give back and support the local community. Here are a few ways that business owners and leaders can help accomplish this goal.

Donate Your Time
Donating time is one of the ways that businesses can give back and support the local community. Many organizations can use help from volunteers. As a business owner, taking time out of the day to walk dogs at the local pound, sort food at the community food bank, or write a letter to an elderly individual in a nursing home can all be beneficial for the community. Encouraging employees to donate their time, or even organizing a volunteer event on a workday, are all simple and easy ways to give back by donating time.

Donate a Service Your Business Offers
Steven Odzer describes how businesses can donate the service that they provide as a way to volunteer and give back. For example, if a flood has hit a specific neighborhood, a local pizzeria may offer to deliver pizzas to the area where those displaced are being temporarily housed. Or, a roofing company may offer to help an elderly veteran by replacing their roof free of charge. Giving back in this way helps to shine a light on the business in a positive way, while also benefiting the local community.

Support Local Businesses
One of the lesser-known ways to give back and support the local community is to support and utilize the services of a local business. For example, those in need of banners or signage might consider using a local printing company for these services, rather than ordering a banner or signing online. Shopping locally has a huge impact on the community and helps the community as a whole. It helps small business owners, it helps employees of that business, and it helps local money stay local. Supporting local businesses whenever possible is a great way to support the local community.

Donate a Percentage of Sales to an Organization
Donating a percentage of sales to an organization of choice is another way to give back to the local community. For example, a restaurateur may give ten percent of the night's proceeds to a local baseball team or school on a specific night. Or a business owner may give one dollar of every sale to a local organization, such as a food bank. Donating a percentage of sales to an organization or charity is a great way to draw people into a business, while also supporting the local community. It winds up being a win-win for everyone involved.

Sponsor a Local Team or Event
Steven Odzer explains that if a business can afford to do so, sponsoring a local team or event can be a great way to give back to the community. For example, a local company may decide to sponsor the local little league team. Their name would be printed on the jerseys and, in return, their money helps the little league organization buy bats, balls, and helmets to encourage children to participate in sports. Alternatively, they could help to sponsor an event.

For example, a business could help sponsor a local fishing tournament. Events can bring tourists into town, which can increase revenue for all businesses, including the one in question.

Promote Causes Directly In Your Business or On Social Media
Business owners can use their platform to give back and support the local community. Sometimes, small organizations, such as pet rescues, need help. They may be in need of dog food or extra blankets. Retweeting an organization's tweets to the company's vast array of followers, or creating a post encouraging people to donate to the rescue in need, is a great way to help spread the word about a local rescue's needs and give back. It is fast and easy to do, and it does not cost a thing. However, before retweeting every cause on social media, it's essential to research the organization to ensure they are a local charity and that they are indeed a charity and not a for-profit company.

Consider a Change Round-Up Program
Steven Odzer states that the round-up change programs are becoming more and more popular. Most people do not miss a few cents from their bank account. But, a few cents from this person and a few cents from that person add quickly. As such, a business may consider a round-up of the change program as a way to give back to a local organization. For example, if someone's total is $5.64, the business can ask them if they want to round up their total to $6.00. If they agree, the business has collected $0.36 for a local organization or charity. It is easy to see how change can quickly add up, and soon, the business owner has a lot of money to help out a community-based program.

Organize a Local Event
The final way a business can give back and support the local community is to organize an event. They can use their business platform to put on an event, such as a park clean-up event or a pet adoption event. Hosting these types of events helps the community directly. However, it can also help the business. The business name is associated with a local charity, and more people hear about the business name thanks to the event. In turn, this can increase brand recognition, which can help the business grow. Once again, this is a win-win scenario for businesses and for organizations, and charities.

Odzer believes that businesses have an ethical obligation to help give back and support the local community. After all, it is the local community that often helps their business to grow and thrive. As such, giving back in various forms only seems fair. For those running a business, there are various ways to give back and support the local community. Using their platform can not only help the community, but in many ways, it can help the business.

Steven Odzer
Steven Odzer