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M2 ProDesign Team

Scarleth Cifuentes

Scarleth Cifuentes

Scarleth Cifuentes

Scarleth Cifuentes

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M2 ProDesign proudly presents the remarkable story of Scarleth Cifuentes - an inspiring fitness professional who transformed her life from adversity to triumph.

LONG BEACH, CA, USA, August 7, 2023/ -- M2 ProDesign LLC, a pioneering force in empowering young women in the fitness professional space, proudly presents the remarkable story of Scarleth Cifuentes - an inspiring fitness professional who defied the odds and transformed her life from adversity to triumph. Scarleth's journey exemplifies the empowering potential of fitness, motivating women to break free from societal constraints and embrace their inner strength to achieve greatness.

Raised in South Central L.A., Scarleth navigated a challenging environment where the specters of teenage pregnancy, gangs, and drug addiction loomed large for many of her peers. As the oldest of four siblings, Scarleth knew she had to be a leader and role model for her family. Her dedication and perseverance inspired her siblings to shift their mindsets towards personal growth and strive for a better life.

In the summer of 2015, Scarleth discovered her love for college soccer, a transformative experience that instilled in her discipline, dedication, and a passion for athletic excellence. Becoming the team captain allowed her to embrace her role as a leader, igniting her love for the game.

Throughout her journey, Scarleth was blessed with two influential coaches who encouraged her to stay true to herself and constantly strive for personal growth. Their mantra of "Mind over Matter" resonated deeply with Scarleth, providing clarity and purpose to her endeavors.

Her path to fitness began in elementary school, where she excelled in kickball, earning her the respect of her peers as the first pick for any team. In high school, she participated in five different sports and led her soccer team as team captain. Her talent and dedication earned her a scholarship to play college soccer, where she distinguished herself as the only freshman to make the team.

Simultaneously, Scarleth worked part-time as a swim instructor, an experience that challenged her to learn and grow daily. She embraced patience, consistency, and motivation, eventually becoming the best swimmer in her job despite initially being a non-swimmer.

"I'm addicted to learning new skills and pushing myself beyond perceived limits," says Scarleth. "Seeing my clients achieve their goals and gain confidence motivates me to keep pursuing my purpose."

Embracing her fitness journey has been a transformative experience for Scarleth. Witnessing her body evolve from normal to slim and muscular has filled her journey with excitement and motivation. The journey into becoming a fitness professional further fueled her confidence, self-reliance, and sense of empowerment.

Scarleth aspires to use her journey as a fitness model influencer and role model for other young women. Having grown up in a Hispanic tradition where college was emphasized as the sole path to success, Scarleth has found her true calling in her career as a swim instructor and personal trainer.

"M2 ProDesign has provided me with the platform to empower other women and break free from limiting beliefs," says Scarleth. "I want to inspire young women to follow their passions and embrace their strength and potential to achieve greatness."

M2 ProDesign LLC celebrates Scarleth's remarkable journey of empowerment, resilience, and self-discovery. Her dedication to inspiring others aligns perfectly with the company's mission to uplift women through fitness and personal growth.

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