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A New way to write books, with a community and AI. This is how we wrote Exponential Organizations.

Exponential Organizations 2.0

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Exponential Organizations 2.0

ExO 2.0 represents a paradigm shift in book creation and consumption, combining author expertise, community wisdom, and AI for a dynamic, interactive experience

“Writing this book has been a long journey, starting before the pandemic. This was one disruptor and next was the rise of Generative AI. This is ushering a new future for publishing.”
— Salim Ismail
SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 3, 2023/ -- Exponential Organizations 2.0, the highly anticipated release by Salim Ismail, Peter Diamandis, and Mike Malone, challenges the traditional notion of a book by presenting itself as a piece of software. This groundbreaking approach to content creation has been made possible through the collaborative efforts of over 80 members of the OpenExO Community.

Unlike traditional books, Exponential Organizations 2.0 has undergone a unique development process. It was initially released digitally, in early 2023, to the OpenExO Community, referred to as the Alpha phase, allowing for early feedback and refinement. Following this, the book entered the Beta phase, where it was made available on Kindle to the public (it will be available for $0.99 through July 4th). However, what sets this release apart is the simultaneous launch of an AI Chat bot that accompanies the book, enabling readers to interact and query the content in real-time.

"Books are beautiful. They are a proxy for the minds of the authors that write them. Book bots like Exponential Organizations 2.0 are a new way to interact with those books and the minds of the authors in real time. Learn, debate, research, and enjoy the conversations you can now have with the books you love." Kent Langley, Book Bot inventor

During the Beta phase, the authors actively sought feedback from readers to further enhance the print version of Exponential Organizations 2.0, which is scheduled to go live in early August 2023. This iterative approach to content creation reflects the authors’ belief that writing books should evolve to embrace the possibilities offered by technology. The integration of an AI companion is seen as a natural progression in the evolution of the reading experience.

Salim Ismail said: “Writing this book has been a long journey, starting before the pandemic. This was one disruptor and next was the rise of Generative AI (ChatGPT, Bard, etc.). This is ushering a new future for publishing.”

In addition to the print and digital versions, the authors have exciting plans for the audio edition of Exponential Organizations 2.0. Anticipated to be available in September, the audio version will be accompanied by exclusive audio-only content that augments the book, providing listeners an immersive and comprehensive experience.

“For the past twenty years, our publishing company has pushed the boundaries of innovation, technology, and creativity producing many international bestsellers,” says Kary Oberbrunner, CEO of Igniting Souls. “However the form and function of Salim and Peter’s new book is truly cutting-edge. They are literally inventing and experimenting with new markets and mediums. We’re deeply honored to serve as their collaborator for this project.”

Exponential Organizations 2.0 is representative of a rapid paradigm shift in how books are created and consumed. By combining the expertise of renowned authors with the collective wisdom of the OpenExO Community, and Artificial Intelligence this release offers readers a dynamic and interactive journey into the world of exponential growth and impact; that's new.

About the Authors:

Salim Ismail is a renowned entrepreneur, speaker, and author, known for his work on exponential organizations and their transformative potential. Peter Diamandis is a visionary thinker and founder of the XPRIZE Foundation, while Mike Malone is an accomplished author and technology journalist. Together, they have collaborated with the OpenExO Community to create Exponential Organizations 2.0, a groundbreaking exploration of exponential growth and innovation.

About OpenExO:

OpenExO is a global transformation platform and ecosystem of 29,000+ change makers that help organizations and individuals navigate the world of exponential technologies and embrace the opportunities they offer. It's the best place for anyone seeking Digital Transformation. OpenExO provides a range of tools, methodologies, and resources to support all organizations in their journey to becoming future-proof. With a vast global network of people, organizations, institutions, OpenExO empowers transformation and growth so we can all thrive in the digital age.

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